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18-12-01, 07:56 PM
the bushes were used on SD1 and sherpa's try rimmer brothers

20-12-01, 09:38 AM

That box in the photo is an LT77, not an R380. I have just just swapped my LT77 for an R380 box, luckily I have kept the old box in the shed, hence you can come and pillage it, as no-one made any offers on the for sale forum. It is useful for spares only as the synchro in second has gone. I did buy new mounting bobbins from Rimmers, about 13 if I remember correctly, however I have used these on the new box. EMail me on alastaid@hotmail.com, I live in the Reading area, and we can meet up.


20-12-01, 09:32 PM
Dan - I had to replace all the remote mounting bushes etc on my old car with Rover 'box - all the bits were available from a Rover main dealer.



07-11-02, 09:21 PM
I have a dilema - And I'm sure I'll have many more. I have recently aquired a Range rover Engine and have had it recon'd to stage 2. I have also bough myself a nice new gearbox (R380 I believe) which has a remote gear selector thing that bolts on to the top - Hopefully You should see a picture

The blue arrows point to the nut's I'm missing the Green to the Pin that fits through the key selector arm and the red arrow to the Bushes... Does anybody have the Dimensions for these bits... (More so for the Bush as I can contact RPI who supplied the box)

Any help appreciated...