View Full Version : South-East Region Meets

10-06-11, 03:49 PM
Hi all,
I am interested in finding out the kind of meets and/or runs that you would like to see me arranging in the future.

We currently have our one regular monthly get together:-
4th Sunday @ 12:00 - The Grasshopper, A25, nr. Westerham

and a couple of prior arrangement meets:-
2nd Wednesday @ 7:30 - Newnham Court Inn, Maidstone
3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 - The Newmarket Inn, A27

Are you all happy with this approach or would you like something different?

One idea is that in the past we would meet up at the Grasshopper and then head down to the Woodsman pub. We could maybe look to change this so we meet up at the Grasshopper and head out to a different pub/location each month?

Also if there is interest I can try to arrange some other runs (to coincide with the meets or seperate) to other locations.

Please reply or PM me with your feedback or ideas :-)