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23-12-01, 01:50 PM

Just filling the engine up, not sure how much oil to put in. Looked through the Haynes Chevy 350 overhaul book and it doesn't seem to detail that.

So far put in 5ltr (1 gallon ish for the oldun's) and it only goes 1 " up the diipstick.

Thanks in advance :-)

23-12-01, 04:45 PM
5 Quarts and a last one to fill up the oil filter.

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23-12-01, 05:17 PM
It depends on the sump fitted, oil coolers etc., but reckon on about 9 UK pints or just over 5 litres. Your dipstick doesn't lie!;)

23-12-01, 06:56 PM
Many thanks,

got worried too much oil can cause hassle I heard...OK just a couple more litres....

Once again Thanks :7

23-12-01, 07:01 PM
Hi there it might be an idea(if you have them fitted that is) to fill the oil cooler and oil cooler pipes and also the filter prior to fire up
Paul :-)

23-12-01, 09:36 PM
At the moment not using oil cooling......later on the shopping list!

Filled filter ( as seen on TV!!! :9 ) already and primed system with the Drill attachment.

The reason I was concerned was after 5 ltr of oil and not even on minimum, I wanted to make sure, as this is my first V8 and didn't want to blow oil seals etc... as I've fitted a high volume oil pump. Also the dipstick was a chrome one, which I had to fit and I thought it might not be the right length!.

Many thanks for your concern....hopefully it will be OK, will put a couple more Ltrs in tomorrow and see if it goes up the dipstick. }>


24-12-01, 11:27 AM
Hi Norm - I just had a thought, reading your last post, about the dipstick. If this is a new (or aftermarket) item, did you compare it for length with the old one?

When I fitted the dipstick to my own engine, I did it with the sump off so that I could guage where the "full" oil level should come - this was especially relevant for me as I had a very non standard sump as well, so "standard" amounts of oil would not have been correct.

In total, with oil cooler and accusump plumbing, my lump takes just under two gallons (!!) of the slippy stuff.

If you have std sump, and your dippy stick is the same length as the OE item, then the advice given above should be OK. If you are a long way away from std then you might need to think a bit more about it.

For initial start up, you have done the right thing by priming the oil system. I shouldn't think that having a slightly too - high oil level would hurt for start up type running. It won't give you any more pressure than you will get from the pump anyway. If it is really really high - and I mean high enough to immerse the crank and come up above the crank seal levels, you might get a leak or two, and at any kind of revs you will foam the oil and lose pressure. But this would be an extreme.

HTH, have fun making vroom vroom noises for Christmas.


25-12-01, 03:02 PM
I had the same question some time ago. I was informed by Kenny Coleman 5 litres plus the Oil filter volume. Wilf is spot on, if you are using an aftermarket dip stick it can be way out.
:-) :-)

Paul Gayter
25-12-01, 03:17 PM
Hi Norman,

Just a small note on capacities etc.

Remember that the American Quart and ours differ, a standard Chevy 350 Oil Pan holds 4 Quarts, add to this the volume of the oil galleries and the filter and you are up to 5 Quarts. This is not however 10 British pints! The conversion from US pints to UK pints is 0.833 thus 10 US pints are the same as 8.33 UK pints or just over a gallon (UK). In Litres this is 4.75 Litres so using up a 5 litre can after purging (clearing air from the filter and galleries) should put the oil level slightly higher that Normal. You can check if you have a stock pan as it should have no strange widthway elongations and should be 7.25 Inches from the block to the lowest part of the pan. When you are simply doing an oil change the volume is 4 US Quarts or 6.66 UK Pints (Say 7 to be kind)

Hope this helps


Paul Gayter

25-12-01, 08:54 PM
Many thanks Paul,

will get under it tomorrow and have a good look!

I know the dipstick was aftermarket type, designed for the chev so should be OK.

I do believe the sump is standard but I'll check it. The whole unit was rebuilt a month ago or so, and everything was ok re. oilways etc...

I'll try a couple of ltres, and see what happens on dipstick, if it doesn't move I'll have a deeper look!

Thanks for the help and Merry Xmas