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23-12-01, 04:50 PM
Now that I ve managed to get my Sumo through the dreaded SVA and street legal and having just posted off BC10 my last write up on the build (thank God for that I hear you cry)I am looking for something else to write about (Oh no they all cry)Well I have to find something to do on those cold winter nights in Germany. so I would like to put something together on Suspension.Its a subject I have always been interested in; but I could do with a little help from you lot of experts out there. So please spare the time to send in any changes you have made to your cars set up to make them handle better,as well as what were the setting recommended by the supplier. I would like to try to include all regular Cobra kits. Even tyre pressure adjustments that have helped spring changes, caster camber toes settings and what the result was. Thank and Merry Christmas to you all.

25-12-01, 09:46 AM

Having had my car on the road since 1994, this year in talking with a senior engineer at Ford (Kevin O'Neill - CE on Ka and others) he suggested I play around with castor and tyre pressure on the front of my Unique Autocraft Python (Jag based) - the steering was always rather heavy and would weight up considerably going iinto hairpins - not ideal.

So, I moved shims from front to rear progressively at the top of the upright (reduces castor)and also took my tyre presssure up from 22 psi to 27 psi.

Result - transformation! Self cenetring on the steering is still absolutely fine (can reduce dangerously if you reduce castor too much) but the feel of the car is much more lively and responsive. I think the tyre pressure is especially important - with too little there is too much rubber in contact with the road and to change the direction of the tyre from straight ahead will always take much effort.

Hope this helps - and by the way nice job with all the articles.

Give me a shout when you are next over in Germany - I work for Ford and am based here - in Leverkusen just across the river on assignment to Mazda. Wold be good to share a beer and experiences one evening.

26-12-01, 07:20 AM
Thanks Nigel that the sort of stuff I'm looking for. I worked with Kevin O.Neill on The Focus launch.Maybe we can have a beer I will be in Merkenich most weeks in the new year for at least a couple of nights a week.