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03-01-02, 05:21 PM
Hope you chaps can help,

I have a BMW getrag box behind a chevy, with a 10.5 inch chevy clutch setup. I know a chevy plate works OK, but there is a little play between the splines and the plate that isn't there with a BMW clutch plate, alas the BMW plate is too small dia (240mm), but one form a 540 (265mm) is the same dia as a chevy one (10.5 inches) +/-0.5mm

I'm trying to

A)find out if the clutch plate from a 540 BMW will fit the splines on a '85 535 gearbox (getrag 265 10 spline)
B)find out if that plate will work inside a chevy pressure plate flywheel combination
C)find somewhere to buy just the clutch plate, not a whole clutch kit

I have chased around BMW and a few motor factors, but the 540 plate seems a little hard to come by, unless you have one that you can trade in as they are essentially reconditioned by the factors & won't sell one unless you have a used one to chop in I have also tried a few dismantlers, but to no avail either

I would be grateful for any help here

as a side note, I recently took my chevy to EDA for set up as I could not get it running smooth after it was rebuilt. got there at 8am, left at 8pm, 16 dyno pulls with a whole host of minor & not so minor changes made to set up on carb, vac adv set up, vac secondaries, timing, plugs, fuelling etc, etc. he was also happy to let me put on my headers & pipes to verify what they were doing as well. he even machined up a pilot bearing for me while I was there

i have not got the block back in yet as I need to sort the clutch, but at EDA the block was running much more evenly & cleanly with a better torque curve.

the cost? 360 including fuel, fresh oil & filter, set of header gaskets, springs for carb. Probably the best VFM on the whole build to date

03-01-02, 05:44 PM
You can't really go wrong with Ken Coleman of EDA, attention to detail is excellent and knowledge of the product and it intricacies is excellent.

A definite 5 stars for that bloke!!!

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03-01-02, 06:23 PM

Try http://www.eurocarparts.com/default.asp They may be of help to you as far as supplying a clutch plate, whether or not it will actually fit sorry can't help you with that one

I do use Eurocarparts a lot and have found them very helpful and knowledgable in fact a lot of their parts staff are former BMW employees

Don't quite know where you are situated but they have branches nationwide I use their Birmingham branch 0121 555 5588

Hope this helps


04-01-02, 11:05 AM
Pete - Thanks for the suggestion - I tried Europart and found out that the 540 clutch plate has no springs in the plate, which makes it unsuitable for my use,

However - I think I now have this sorted - found a company called HELIX, who do clutches for a lot of motorsport teams etc,(Paris-Dakar rally etc)and have also done work for GD. I guess they're a bit like AP except they will make up a clutch to whatever spec you want. They are making me a plate with a bmw getrag centre sleeve, with springs to suit a lightweight car, with a friction plate diameter & thickness to work inside a chevy flywheel & pressure plate.

Compared to a standard chevy clutch plate its a little expensive, but next to a BMW plate or performance chevy plate it was reasonable

If anybody has clutch issues, Terry at Helix was very helpful & knowledgable, having done this sort of thing many times before for other customers.

Helix 01869 340005

04-01-02, 08:20 PM
Steve, Try also Ken at AK sportscars as he runs Getrag with small blocks in his cars I believe so he may be able to help with clutches.