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04-01-02, 02:27 PM
Paul Hinckley at PD sportscars in Burton on Trent uses the jag getrag & chevy with a diaphragm clutch system regularly on his cars, He will have the parts to hand that are needed.

I believe he sleeves the thrust bearing & uses the chevy release arm & bellhousing.

I also believe he uses a ford clutch plate which mates on the getrag splines and a 10.5 inch rotating clutch assembly, but I could be mistaken on this point - it was a while back

He also supplied me with slave cylinders and mounting brackets for the block which worked out fine

Give him a call 01283 515058

04-01-02, 03:21 PM

I too am mating a Getrag gearbox to a 350 chevy. I bought a McLeod steel shatterproof bellhousing and went to AK Sportscars who made me an adaptor plate that mates the gearbox to the bell housing. They recomend I use a 10.5 inch Mopar clutch plate (1 inch 33 spline) to match with the gearbox input shaft. And a 10.5 inch Chevy clutch cover and a standard Chevy release bearing which they sleaved for me to fit the bellhousing. I havent bought the clutch plate or cover yet but they use this set up on all their cars and assure me it works fine.

Dave Mills

04-01-02, 07:24 PM
Also make sure you use the right size master as you need a fair bit of travel on the arm lever method to fully engage the clutch and also watch for lever clearance to chassis and/or footwells hence why a lot of owners go for Mccloud centre release type mechanisms.


06-01-02, 07:29 AM
Thanks everybody for the sound advice. I will be making a decision as to which way I go regarding the release mechanism very shortly and will try the contacts you advise.

Cheers John

07-11-02, 08:22 PM
I am attempting to mate a small block Chevy and bell housing to a Jaguar Getrag gearbox and to use one of two possible solutions for operating the clutch. I already possess a used mechanism, which I believe is an old model by Mcleod. I want to use a standard diaphragm clutch.

I also have a Chevy release arm and new bearing which has an internal diameter of 35mm. The Jaguar gearbox main shaft is 32mm diameter. If I go down this avenue I will have to fabricate an external slave cylinder mechanism. Do I need to sleeve the main shaft out to 35mm and how loose a fit should this be?

Ideally I will use the Mcleod release bearing. Does anybody recognise it or know the part number?

Now both release bearings have aflat bearing surface. Am I right in assuming they will both work with a diaphragm clutch. Any help would be much appreciated.