View Full Version : I want to shorten my Rover gearbox,(shifter assembly) who ca

Arjen Vink
30-12-01, 07:15 PM
Hi there, I'm a Dutch Cobra owner and I'm replacing my Dax Cobra Rover automatic gearbox with a 5 speed manual box. The gearstick will now be located too far back. Therefor I want to shorten my gearshift assembly. Who knows somebody who can do that for me ?


Arjen Vink

30-12-01, 07:39 PM
Hi Arjen Vink.
The shifter mechanism from a Sherpa van is what you are looking for,it brings the stick forward by about 200mm and it's factory made and dirt cheap from a breakers yard.;-)

31-12-01, 11:17 AM
Dax put me in touch with "Oblique engineering" who shortened my own but you'll have to ring DJ (dax ) for the number sorry.

31-12-01, 04:01 PM
Get back issue 67 of Snaketorque contact Glen pullen 01293 513100 there is complete article on how to do it in that issue. Or contact David Pilbeam who wrote it 44 1403731091 DWPilbeam@aol.com that if thats still his web site.

Arjen Vink
06-01-02, 09:01 AM
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip, seems like this is my solution. However I'm not familiar with the Sherpa Van (We don't see them in Holland), What brand of Van and type is that ?(sometimes they have different names in Holland)


06-01-02, 10:35 AM
Hi Arjen.
The van is manufactured by Leyland Daf and is similar in size to a Ford Transit.
Good luck.