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07-01-02, 02:06 PM
:-( :-(
The tester had a quality inspector in toe so I had no chance..
I need to prove age for my Chevy 350 block no 10066036 the list provided by Mortec has no year for that!! Pilgrim tell me that loads have gone thru OK on this documentation..
I've e mailed Mortec so I hope to resolve that.
The tester needs to know the Maximum Engine speed,
any ideas? Can't be road speed as it would be effected by gearing.
Could it be RPM?

The rest of the list is made up of minor bits so I'm not that cheesed off.

07-01-02, 02:48 PM
Hi Martin

Very sorry to hear about your SVA fail. My commiserations.

I have a list of casting block numbers from 1955 up to about 1984. I can see no mention of block numbers starting 100. My list courtesy of the book "Small block Chevy" lists block numbers from 30... to 39... and 14... and 46... etc. If you would like a copy, email me and I will scan the page and send it down the tube. From what you have said I guess it must be a later block.

You don't say where you had it tested but I assume from your location it must be Leighton Buzzard?

Cheers John

07-01-02, 04:00 PM
Hi Martin,

Sorry to hear about your SVA Nightmare (just wot you dont need an inspector) also,

I'm sure it'll go thru next time.

I've also looked thru my lists for sbc's and cannot find any block markings starting with 100....

This may sound silly but you are reading the number from just above the Bellhousing near the dizzy on the passenger side?

Just a thought


07-01-02, 04:20 PM
Hi Martin.
Where did you get your engine from...was it a used one from a breakers,an imported one,or a brand new one as the casting number seems to indicate.
The engine speed issue that you refer to is actually the maximum power engine speed,carefull on this one though as you might have problems getting under 101db,cos that is what they're after.If you tell them that your engine produces maximum power at 4000rpm they will test the noise level at 3/4 of this = 3000rpm and should help you through the noise.
If you can't resolve the engine age problem (no proof)you are going to have to find an old "shagger" Chevy engine to put in your car just for the test and then swap the main engine back in afterwards....A pain in the ass i know but it could be the only solution.
Good luck. ;-)

07-01-02, 04:30 PM
well i got a problem as well, the bloke who did my engine forgot to make a note of the number and when the block was machined , off came the number , but I do have a set of number punches !! perhaps some one could give me a number before 1984. i am told that they changed the side of the oil dip stick on later engines but can't remember from when to where .

Regards Steve T

07-01-02, 04:41 PM
What a bummer and after all that work its enough to make you want to cry (well I would have) Dont let it get you down there are are enough experts out there to help you with this engine number problem. On the list I have compiled from various web sites your actual number does not show up.It doesnt mean its not there its justI havent found it; but from what I have 10054727 is 86 upwards and 10066038 is a 1994. This may point you in the right direction. But I think it must be down to Tony to come up with an official letter of some sort to help you out after all he sold you the bloody engine in the first place,dont take its never happened before as an answer there is always a first time and this is it.

whats the little face for seriously pissed off.

07-01-02, 05:01 PM
On the list I got from the web 14010201 14010202 14010203 14010207 and 14010209 are all listed as numbers for years 80 -85 for a 350 chevy.

07-01-02, 05:37 PM
Hi Steve.
Do you mean to say that he machined off the casting number?
The casting number is situated on the top rear left corner of the block,right behind the cylinder head ,in efect on the top of the "gable end" that the bell housing bolts to.This is not an area that is machined during any rebuild.The engine number may be gone but the casting number should still be there.
checkout http://www.mortec.com and do a search around...if your engine ain,t new it should be there.
The SVA use the information from Mortec as their guide as to the age of an engine,I know this because when the SVA was first introduced i contacted the SVA at Swansea with regard to a Chevy engine that i had and they told me that if it hadn't come from a UK registered vehicle I would have to get a letter from Chevrolet stating the date of manufacture of the engine,I explained that this could be almost impossible and that there was a website that listed the Chevy casting numbers and would this be sufficient evidence?They told me to print it off and post it to them.A couple of days later i got a phone call from them saying that it would be fine and could they keep the paperwork that i had sent.They also told me that if i had any problems with this info at the SVA test that i was to tell the inspector to call HQ in Swansea and they would confirm that all was ok.;-)
This information at Swansea can prove very helpful if you have a genuine old engine....but if you are trying to cheat the system you could get some problems.
I also spoke to Swansea about using a new block with recon parts in it,telling them that it was an old style block and that newer style engine parts would not fit.In effect trying to get a new Goodwrench through...no good they wouldn't buy that one, but worth a try i thought.;-)

07-01-02, 05:58 PM
Hi John,
Thanks for the offer, I have the same book.
I'm pretty sure I'll get the solution from Mortec or the engine builder.
Yep it was Leighton Buzzard.
The station would still get a 5 star rating in the SVA review, it was just my bad luck that the Inspector Called!!

07-01-02, 06:02 PM
It was purchased via Pilgrim from Repower, so if I can't get a quick solution I'll pass it to them.

You are right about the power issue, they were testing the max sound at 4K RPM, and I know it should be at 3K!
I'll get the proof and go again.

If it needs an engine swap I'll #####;'@ shoot someone @ Pilgrim.

Thanks for the support.

07-01-02, 06:05 PM
Thanks Bob
I really feel better knowing there is so much support.

I did get a small bonus.
The side pipes tarnish with heat, the salt spray when removed took off the tarnish.. Not that I suggest you spray saline solution but it did work!!

What's that about every cloud??
I'm trying hard to find the silver..:7 :7

07-01-02, 06:07 PM
Twas the bell housing, and was double checked by an anally retentive test inspector so it must be right :7

I'm not too unhappy as long as I can sort the engine number OK.
It's not as if it's blazing sunshine at the moment.

07-01-02, 10:11 PM

I am possibly in process of buying a Goodwrench to put through SVA and I have sent a fax to Leighton Buzzard examiner to obtain a written reply on what emmissions test would be applied. After all the Goodwrench part no. is a replacemnet engine for vehicles 1971 to 1985. So I wonder if the sva will take note of Real Steels INVOICE no. stamped on the block which I could back up the no. with documentation to prove design era ie OLD OR will they only use the CASTING No. (which will denote it as new) I really do think the SVA have to be a bit realistic here.


07-01-02, 10:15 PM
What about plaster of paris any one used this one yet,naughty.

Kevin W
08-01-02, 08:57 AM
Sorry to here of the SVA fail. I'm finally hoping to get mine through later in the summer. Will probably go to the Hayes centre.

On a slightly different tack, in 'A Car is Born' vids Mark Evans appeared to buy a brand new Chevy motor & 'box for 4.5k, and it sailed through SVA without any mention of engine year etc. I never understood how he got away with that, and indeed how he got through the emissions.


08-01-02, 10:34 AM
Graham - I am not sure if it is the SVA folks or your good self who needs to be more realistic here. All they do is follow a set of rules, and those rules specify year of manufacture, not year of design. I can't believe you would expect an MOT tester to apply 1960's emissions to an 1990's Mini? Same thing will apply to your Goodwrench engine. Unless you can play the game, and prove year of manufacture somehow.
In my own case, I could link the casting codes to a Ford engine rebuild book which gave the year codes. They didn't actually physically check it, since the casting number on my Ford Block is up behind the starter. I also had invoices etc stating the year of manufacture of the block. All evidence like this helps.

You could risk it, hoping that the tester won't actually look at your block, or you could grind off the current engine code stamping and restamp with an appropriate year's code. This would of course need to look as original as possible. Of course I could not possibly condone such behaviour!
The one thing you will not be able to do is persuade the SVA testers to "bend the rules" - after all, it is their jobs at risk.



08-01-02, 05:23 PM
you could look around the engine for other casting numbers.
I recently "blagged" my way through SVA by telling them that the engine was a 1973 as there was the marking 173 on the back of the engine,the 1 was a little unclear so i was going to tell them that the "1" was a letter "I" indicating the 9th month and the 73 being the year,but they never asked to check it...lucky me.
The number i am talking about is in the same position but on the opposite side of the block.
It does seem that the SVA testing centre that i used haven't done many Chevy powered cars...let's hope it stays that way,otherwise i'm going to have to get myself an old "smoker" engine purely for SVA purposes.

08-01-02, 06:10 PM
The answers is simple Kevin he did before Jan 2001 the rules changed then and now you have to prove the age of the engine. If you cant they test it to cat emissions Before Jan 2001 they assumed it was pre cat.

08-01-02, 07:47 PM
I can vouch for that as my car was SVA'D April 99 with a new engine and they went on the GM. pt,No for the engine and the fact I had a sheet detailing what vehicles and what year these were fitted from Real Steel and all I had to do was choose a date so it was tested on emissions as a 1980.I'm glad that I don't have to do it today
my condolences to you guy's trying to SVA now
Paul :-)

08-01-02, 08:47 PM
Dave the Pro ,

Thanks for the info and yes the block number was where you said it was , turnes out to be a 69 4 bolt main but what about an engine number can i put what ever I want ?

Regards Steve T

08-01-02, 09:18 PM
RE: engine number,
Hi Steve,
Pretty much...yes,though i wouldn't go completely mad and put your name on it,use your date of birth or something,about half a dozen or so numbers should do the trick. ;-)