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10-01-02, 12:33 AM

I am running a Mallory Dual point dizzy in my Rover and was considering upgrading to a contactless ignition system

Any views on which is best, the key selling points of each I have listed

- Made in the UK
- External power module
- Good reviews and reliability
- Two models standard or performance
- Cost, and ideas on best price

Has anyone fitted this set up in a Mallory

- Made in USA
- All bits fit under distributor cap so install looks standard
- Cheaper I assume
- $71 from Summitracing.com

I need to work out which kit it is, several are listed
Has anyone gone this route and can confirm which kit for a Mallory
Is it PNX - ML181 ML183 ML184 or ML186



10-01-02, 01:28 PM

Why not just use one set of points in your Mallory and combine this with any half-decent add on electronic ignition (with fixed dwell) ?. This way you don't need to worry about fiddly dual-point dwell settings & the poins will last for ages as they only need to switch a very small current.

IIRC the Lumenition breakerless unit is not a direct fit into the Mallory, but I could be wrong here.

Looked at the Pertronix ( - why is every reference on the Web spelt 'Petronix' ?) website earlier. Under the Tech Questions stuff theres a paragraph which says that leaving the ignition on with the engine not running may permanently damage the ignition components ! - this sounds really crappy to me , so I'd avoid Pertronix on this basis !

Website is at www.pertronix.com


10-01-02, 02:13 PM

Out of interest what is wrong with the Mallory dual point? Years ago I put a Lumenition in my Triumph Stag and ended up with a really annoying intermittent problem that would leave me stranded on the roadside for 5 mins as the engine died with no ignition. Of course the unit worked perfectly when on test with Lumenition, and in the end I had to really push them to replace it. Points are just points, they are very reliable for the limited mileage most Cobras do, and I like fiddling with dwell meters & feeler guages.



10-01-02, 03:26 PM
As I've posted elsewhere. Why not change to a Mallory contactless dizzy.

Fit it and forget it!!!

Regards Steve G.