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29-12-01, 09:18 PM
Hello, It's me again with another Rover query. :7 This time its the ignition system. I am wanting some advise as to what system people have fitted to there Rover V8's - I have seen what seems to be a rather good deal on a Lumenition ignition system. What are people's view on this manufacturer and would you recommend another? I have never heard of them before but this is the first time I have really investigated what goes on behind the bonnet...

As always any help appreciated... :)

30-12-01, 09:00 AM
Hi Dan

I am not an expert in this area but have seen a lot of people mention MSD 6Al electronoc ignition for a Rover with power coil and replacemnt for points
I think they then replace the points with a Lumenition unit, I believe that Lumenition also do a similair unit to the MSD

What is the rather good deal on Lumenition that you have seen

Please post what you eventually go for and the results as I am running a standard set up with Mallory twin point dizzy and am thinking about an upgrade

Happy Blastin


James:) :) :)

30-12-01, 09:11 AM
Hi Dan

Check out this independant Rover V8 Site with Forum




30-12-01, 12:18 PM
Dan, I've not used the lumenition system, but I do have the MSD unit, which I quite like, since it gives me no bother at all, and I like the colour. You can also "plug in" different rpm limits if you get the right box, which is great because it will help your engine fight off both "red mist" and "missed gear" diseases.

The only thing I would say is to avoid the twin point distributor route - they are fiddily to set up, and in my experience, don't stay set for very long.

If you have the ability to go the electronic, breakerless route, then take it.


31-12-01, 05:08 PM
I'm running standard Rover Electonicand it runs Ok .I know a couple of members who have fitted Lumenition set set up an old Rover contact dizzy and swear by it as easy to install and very relaible.

08-01-02, 02:56 PM
Dan I also went for the Mallory Unilite dizzy.It went straight in and fired up and has been great ever since.
WILF Iam inerested to know more about the MSD set up
1 Is it a straight add-on to the dizzy?.
2 Does it require much in the way of wiring?.
Apart from the obvious advantage of rev. limiting, what else will it do for my 3.5 Rover?(Stage 3 heads and r/r cam to be fitted soon along with Edelbrock 500)Regards Steve G.

08-01-02, 05:23 PM
Hi all

Catching up with the topics after an Xmas break.

I've run a variety of Rover V8s, about 16 all told, since the early 80's. All with standard ignition systems, never had a spot of trouble, always started, never misfired, etc. What more do you need? Spend your money on something else I'd suggest.


08-01-02, 07:40 PM

Can't comment on which system is best for a Rover engine but I have used Lumenition products for a number of years on many vehicles ranging from a driving instructors MkII Escort to a 10,000 revs fire spitting monster and have never ever had a problem with it, also used it in some pretty harsh enviroments with the same results.

They also make a rev limiter to complement the system again which I have found to be 100% reliable

The choice is yours


08-01-02, 10:16 PM
Steve - MSD can be triggered from a standard points distributor or a magnetic pick up type (or crank trigger). Wiring will consist of two leads to dizzy, a permanently connected (and heavy current) live feed, wire from ignition switch, earth, and two wires to coil. You also have a handy extra wire which you can use as an immobiliser for SVA (use a hidden rocker switch to earth and it cuts spark). (I know this is the case using a mag type dizzy, am not 100% sure with a points type).

Rev limiters are always a good idea to my mind as I have seen enough red mist to rev several engines to oblivion were it not for the limiter!
In terms of extra performance - difficult to say, certainly could not put a BHP figure on it, but whatever benefits you expect from a big fat spark would be there. Plus the points won't wear out (tiny current being switched).
You can also ditch any ballast resistor, but probably will need a new (MSD) coil, also if you have an electronic tacho it might need modifying to work with the MSD (Speedy Cables or the like can do).

If you already have a perfectly good standard ignition set up, spend the money on other more essential things at first, you can always upgrade later, unless of course you a/ have loadsamoney, or b/ just have to have gadgets!



09-01-02, 08:54 AM
I too have looked at getting an MSD ignition system so that I can stop buggering around with the points on my Mallory dual-point whilst also adding a rev limiter and get a better spark (or in this case sparks). I spoke to Dave Ellis (v8 engine bloke) about the benefits of adding it to my 3.5 - he wasn't sure there would be any on a small capacity engine, though since I now have a 4.6 and I want the above benefits anyway I'll probably still get one eventually, just because as wilf said, b) I love gadgets, c) it looks nice - unfortunately having just bought the engine I'm struggling with a) !! :-)

You probaly also need a tacho adaptor or get you tacho modified (I think speedy cables do this)
From summit racing in Ohio US, the required bits costs the following :

MSD6AL ignition control unit + soft-touch rev limiter - $172.95
MSD Tach adaptor (MSD-8910) - $25.95
MSD 'Superconductor' plug leads - you need low resistance spiral wound leads not solid core ones (magnecor ones would do nicely too) - $75.95
MSD 'Superconductor' coil lead - $13.25
MSD Blaster2 coil $28.50

This prices were from a few months back so may have changed see http://www.summitracing.com/


09-01-02, 09:20 AM
Cheers Wilf(and Stuart)
Will spend current available funds on engine top end and think about gadgets for summer evening projects.Also got to find spending money for Thai. holiday in Feb.(my big mouth "you pay for the holiday and I'll get the spending money love").Sounded a good idea 6 months ago.Anyone know of good car accessory suppliers in Bankok.Suppose not the normal venue to head for.

Wilf,Re your other current rant with Robert, NO2 sounds perfect!

Stuart, is your engine up and running yet?.
Regards Steve G.

09-01-02, 10:38 AM
Stuart - out if interest, although I did not go the whole MSD6AL route on my old Sumo, I did fit a MSD Soft Touch rev limiter which worked in conjunction with the MAllory twin point dizzy, so you can fit just a rev limiter if you want. Good point about the spark leads - I forgot to mention that you can't use soild wire leads with an MSD.


Kevin W
09-01-02, 12:33 PM
Note that there is one type of Dizzy that you can't fit the Luminition system to. The exact serial number escapes me, but its the one with the piggy back coil on the external ignition module. I know coz I tried and had to send the Lumenition xmas present back a couple of years ago!


09-01-02, 01:41 PM
All these shiny boxes and leads are nice...but lets not forget the most important aspect - ie. the actual ignition timing !!.


09-01-02, 03:48 PM
Pete - you are right, and from memory, you can wind on a whole heap more advance onto a Rover V8 than the books might say - I think, from memory, I got up to 16 degrees BTDC static before I ran into "pinking" problems on mine, and it sure went well. No-one should take this as any kind of recommendation for their own engine - they will all be different depending on advance curve, engine spec, CR etc, but my point is that this engine will usually respond well to more advance than normally specified.


10-01-02, 09:49 PM
Hey.. just thought I'd share some info I've just discovered with you people !

Just cut open an old Mallory Vac. advance capsule & guess what ! - it's adjustable by means of poking an allen key down the vacuum hole !. Didn't know that the Mallorys had this feature - previously thought it was only the Accel and such like ...

PS. If you need a replacement vac advance for the Mallory , get it from Real Steel - much cheaper than RPI ..