View Full Version : 429 bb ford pistons

11-01-02, 12:04 AM
Does anyone know of anywhere i can get some +30 pistons for my 429 engine which is going into a dax, they seem to be like rocking horse**** reading the topics its good to know there is another tight yorkshireman in the forum.The wife is going to las vegas in a couple of weeks with her old lady,she may be carrying something back for me! I need a good source of 429 engine bits for the rebuild if anyone has any reccomendations. dave keane poole dorset dax 429 :P

11-01-02, 01:10 PM
Dave - I assume you have tried the usual suspects like Real Steel, Repower etc? If you can get no luck in the UK then try some of the US suppliers like Gessford or Southern Automotive. You should be able to find contact details for these if you browse www.clubcobra.com some of them actually have banner ads on that site, or if you use the search function you may turn them up. Might be worth talking to Summit or Jegs as well.
Lastly, although I don't have a copy with me right now, sure there has been someone advertising BB bits in Snake torque for a while now.