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16-08-11, 10:22 PM

After much deliberation the time has come to put up for sale this fabulous home built Cobra replica.
This car was built over the period of seven years with no detail spared.
It was built with a 'nod and a wink' to the period look of the 60's car and is often commented on by passers by and enthusiasts alike as a car that looks 'just right'.
It has been both magazine featured - Complete Kit Car May 2008, selected to represent GD Sports Cars at Stoneleigh 2008 on the GD show stand and chosen as a poster advertisement car by GD themselves.

This car drives rattle free, no pulling, no scuttle shake, no bump steer. It is every bit as comfortable and reliable as modern sports car and very well engineered. Since hitting the road in 2007 it has been 100% reliable and trouble free. When asked how it is to drive I often compare it to my day to day car (German engineered) but with a more tuneful engine note and a 'little' nippier', it really is that nice to drive.

A quick spec list follows:

Correctly registered as a Gardner Douglas 427 Cobra
SVA passed first time 21st November 2007
Correct V5 documentation - SVA date shows as above, date of first registration shows 1st August 1982 Approx 3500miles at time of advert
Valid road TAX and MOT
- GD spaceframe chassis - New at time of build
- Narrowed Jaguar rear axle - All bearings, seals, bushes, UJ's etc new at time of build
- 3.31:1 de-rated fully rebuilt Power Lock Differential to enhance cornering stability
- Balanced heavy duty drive shafts fitted - All new at time of build
- Balanced Heavy duty prop shaft - balanced - All new at time of build
- Uprated brake discs and brake pads EBC all round - All new at time of build
- Aluminium fully adjustable Protech dampers - New at time of build
Full suspension set up by GD factory
- Stainless steel fuel tank - New at time of build
-6 Aeroquip stainless overbraid PTFE fuel hoses
- Mechanical fuel pump
- Aeromotive fuel regulator 6 PSI
-3 Aeroquip stainless overbraid PTFE brake line flexis
- Tremec TKO600R 5 speed quick shift gearbox - New at time of build
- Hydraulic billet clutch slave cylinder
-4 Aeroquip stainless PTFE clutch hose
- SFI Steel billet flywheel
- Multi fingered high performance clutch pressure plate and friction plate - Nice and easy to use
- Aluminium bellhousing

Engine: FORD Cleveland V8 fully rebuilt. No emmision tests required due to the original block age of 1972.

The Ford Cleveland is described by many as one of the best sounding small block V8's. It is often described as sounding much like a big block, added to the sound it has a high performance pedigree as it was the engine that Ford Racing planned their future on back in the late 60's. Unfortunately the USA fuel crisis of the early 70's soon put an end to production car use and therfore Racing development. It soon became the choice engine of privateer racers of the time and is still popular today. All parts are still available (not that it needs anything!) and it has a huge following especially in Australia where it was continued in manufacture up to the mid eighties.

Built on a 1972 engine block it has been align checked, crack tested, square decked and bored using the latest CNC machinery. Cylinder roughness, deck surface finish printouts and balance sheets included.
- EDA dyno proven 430hp@5100rpm and 440lbft@5100rpm Printouts and video available. A recent carburetor change has increased the limiting RPM and an estimated 450+hp is now on tap up to 6000rpm
- Fully blueprinted and documented re-build
- Full digital 'Hines' balance
- Forged pistons
- Aluminium CNC Trick Flow chamber heads
- Aluminium full roller rockers 1.73:1
- Complete Comp Cam valve train, 274XE cam and associated components. Hydraulic cam for ease of maintenance
- Heavy duty oil pump drive
- Double roller cam chain
- Edelbrock Air Gap dual plane manifold
- Vac secondary Holley 750 carburettor
- Baffled winged sump, windage tray and scraper.
- Full MSD ignition system with soft control rev limiter (6000rpm)
The list for the engine spec goes on and on. It is in my opinion just about the right amount of power for this type of car. They say 'too much is never enough' but this engine along with the rest of the build has been well thought out to make the car very use-able and not just focused on power.
It will sit in traffic all day long without issue, the clutch is easy to operate and it will happily crawl along around 1000rpm without the jerkiness of an over cammed engine.
It has a nice lopey idle that hints at the performance available but will pull away from idle (850rpm)
with ease. The chassis design, set up and chosen tyres ensure that the traction is there to match the engine performance.

More spec'.....

- Twin PACET fans on an electronic adjustable fan temp controller
- GD factory radiator
- The exhaust system is full stainless steel and was the first MK4 GD to adorn period style sidepipes
- GD MK4 gel coat finish fibreglass monocoque body shell
- Period lights front and rear
- Stainless quick lifts front and rear
- All exterior brackets are made from stainless steel as are the fixings
- Glass windwings
- Stainless steel period style roll hoop
- Period style Mota Lita wood rimmed steering wheel
- Hidden tilt adjustable steering column
- Adjustable seat runners
- Period style flat bottom dash
- Powder coated door hinges, dash frame and aluminium powder coated panels beneath dash
- XJS flyoff handbrake lever
- Leather door pads
- Discreet door solenoid for clean looking door pads
- Leather seats
- Period Smiths gauges and switch gear
- Battery isolator
- Period stainless 427 shifter
- Period harnesses
- Full carpet including removable floor panels
- Aston locking aluminium period fuel filler cap
- Team 3 15" alloy wheels, stove enamelled centres, polished outers with covers for the wheel nuts
AVON CR6ZZ DOT, & E marked tyres that are the best 15" high performance road legal tyre on the market

The decision to sell has not been an easy one as this car is just how I envisaged a Cobra to look and I am sure it will be many years before I get the chance to build and own a similar vehicle again.
I have thousands of digital photos of every aspect of build, all engine specs including every machining tolerance (even the RA value from the surface finish of the bores and deck surfaces!)
Videos of the dyno time, tons of receipts. I know every aspect of this car as it has been a large part of my life so please get in touch if you require further info.

Serious offers over £30,000 invited.
PM for more info or follow this link to more pictures and telephone number Pistonheads (http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3124334.htm)

Thanks for looking.

16-08-11, 10:40 PM
Hi Lee, Sorry you are selling, thought you had been a bit of a stanger lately, and not seen you at clough for ages, best of luck with the sale

Purple AK
16-08-11, 11:01 PM
Good Luck with the sale Lee (you obviously have a good reason) It's starting to look like the Marie Celeste around here!!! :( :shock:

17-08-11, 05:39 PM
does that merc van in the Clough carpark ever move ????

17-08-11, 06:59 PM
It's always visible from the M62 and every time I visit or pass the boozer it's there so I think not!:smile:

17-08-11, 07:07 PM
one of the guys said a while ago, if you put the clough into google earth its on there as well, lol

22-08-11, 09:48 AM
Hi Lee

Sorry to hear your selling. Hope you get what you want for it..........and come back one day with another one equally as nice!



30-08-11, 12:58 PM
Sorry to hear you are selling Lee. It keeps crossing my mind to sell as I only drive it a couple of times a month.

30-08-11, 07:00 PM
Re-reading this thread, it seems to me that some enterprising scallywag (- that period-correct authentic Northern terminology?) needs to set up a Northern Cobra Rental Car Pool.

Rent it out for a day or 2 each month, so that those who have sold, can occassionally regain their soul ! :-P

30-08-11, 09:40 PM
......Surely every one knows that 'us' Northerners are tighter than cramp. No one would want to pay my rental charges :-) PH ad runs out in 14 days, if I have no interest I don't think I'll re-list. May just pull a sheet over it and forget it's there 'till a day arrives where I have more than 5 mins spare to actually use it!

31-08-11, 07:36 AM
Lee - sorry to see that you are selling, only just spotted it. You did a great job on that car, someone is going to buy a good'un.

31-08-11, 08:28 AM
Thanks Wilf, likewise;) If (when) it does sell, it'll sure be strange watching it travel away in to the distance. I'm sure you've mulled over that senario also.

31-08-11, 08:33 AM
Indeed. The prospect of opening the garage to see a, um, space, is not enthralling.

31-08-11, 08:37 AM
How, long would it be an empty space though?

31-08-11, 08:50 AM
Long enough for me to ponder if I did the right thing!

31-08-11, 09:22 AM
Trust me boys, it's not easy to watch it leave, or go into the empty space; been there done that 3 times over, (RAM/HAK289/Crendon) but seeing the Crendon go was the really difficult one!!

I do like the rental idea though.....

01-09-11, 01:04 PM
Trust me boys, it's not easy to watch it leave, or go into the empty space; been there done that 3 times over, (RAM/HAK289/Crendon) but seeing the Crendon go was the really difficult one!!

I do like the rental idea though.....

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what a fantastic website, really well put together.

01-09-11, 02:54 PM
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- flat cap branch, up t'north?

ouh I say young man, we're not oop north...we're the meat in the middle of the sandwich doncha know..

01-09-11, 03:33 PM
You keep your meat to yourself.

That's how you got into trouble last time...........

01-09-11, 06:10 PM
You keep your meat to yourself.

That's how you got into trouble last time...........

ouh no, Im a good boy...ask me Mum :-) :-D

04-09-11, 03:30 PM
Might give the e type a roll for the fun of it, see if I like it, £200 doesn't seem out of the way

And you southern lot can watch it or I'll set me whippet on yer