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18-08-11, 11:46 AM

one of the rare BRA 289 for sale, RHD, car is located in germany.
more infos on <b><h1><font size="+4">Cobra BRA 289</font></h4></b> (http://www.ginetta-online.eu)


21-08-11, 08:32 PM
looks like it's been for sale since 2010 at least and no price!

05-09-11, 02:32 PM
car is for sale since 05/2011.


05-09-11, 03:51 PM
Just going by the advert itself which clearly states "last updated 2/11/2010"
Or did I miss something?

13-09-11, 01:22 PM
last update did not mean the advert date :-)

13-09-11, 02:50 PM
Surely the advert must have been placed BEFORE the last update (2/11/2010)
Or was it placed AFTER the page was last updated (quite a trick if you can do it!)
I am VERY confused by all this. I saw an advert last year for the car so I KNOW that it was for sale WELL BEFORE May 2010.
I cannot see the point in trying to prove otherwise?

15-09-11, 10:03 PM
Struggling to see your point Simon, mines been for sale for quite a while. Unless you are giving it away then these can take a while to sell. Mines a little different, if we miss out on the house (with no garage) that we've seen then I'm keeping it!

There was a car advertised for sale via a well known retailer in the UK for a very long time and every time it was sold it was replaced with another by the maker!!!!!

I haven't really got an issue with that either because the customers for those cars over and over and over again were getting a factory built car at well under the advertised factory build cost price. It keeps the industry moving.

Personally I don't do it but we have competitors that buy in marble fireplaces new and advertise as clearance units to create turnover, hey ho, they still went bust in the end.


Oh bother, that's me being outspoken again....

16-09-11, 08:43 AM

I just wanted to make the point that without a price, the advert is pretty meaningless. If the advertiser posted a price it may be less than people were thinking and it would get snapped up straight away.
After that, If the car has been for sale since 2010, why try and deny it? (I also don't see the point in including the history of AC cars 289. in the advert, but hey, that's just me!)
The Cobra market is pretty specialist and they DO take a while to sell, absolutely NO reflection on quality or price, that's just the way it is.
I won't be posting on this thread any more. It looks a nice car and whatever the price is, I hope it gets sold.