View Full Version : Next SW meet - Sunday 4th September BBQ!!!

23-08-11, 01:59 PM
Our next meeting will be a BBQ at Maurice and Paula place near Wespoint ish outside Exeter on Sunday the 4th September

please send message to them at - mprcobra@tiscali.co.uk - or a call on 01395 232012. to get an idea of numbers.

Otherwise you wont get a sausage !!!

(b) Directions. Our address Oaklands, Toby Lane, Woodbury Salterton, EX5 1QB.

From junction 30 of M5 (Sandygate) take A3052 towards Sidmouth. Take second exit off the next
roundabout, in .5 mile take right hand turning opposite Westpoint into Oilmill Lane, Signposted
Woodbury Salterton. Follow the road to the village, when you pass The Diggers Rest pub drive for
half mile you will come to a 90 degree right hand bend, on the apex of bend turn left into
Whitehorse Road. Then immediately right into Toby Lane (there will be a sign here).We are
500 yards up the lane on RHS. For people coming from east up drive as far as Westpoint and turn
left into Oil Mill lane.(unless you know the way down from the common).

BBQ start time 12:00 !!! come earlier for coffee if you like.
Stay as long as you want. We could also go out for a run in the afternoon.
For those unable to read a map or follow instructions - Postcode is EX5 1QB


28-08-11, 08:27 AM
Just a reminder!!

01-09-11, 07:45 AM
And Again - there is a rumour that Oakley is going to actually going to make a rare public appearance!!

langbond 15
01-09-11, 08:25 AM
Thats because its free entry

Neil O
01-09-11, 09:57 AM
Thats because its free entry

01-09-11, 10:58 AM
Must be something in the air as I'm going to.

andy l
01-09-11, 03:39 PM
Are you planning on meeting somewhere before hand, or just going right there, Andy ;)

Neil O
01-09-11, 04:05 PM
We could meet at yours Andy.

Bet I can get there first Ant.;)

01-09-11, 04:09 PM
you will indeed Neil as im going to Chris's first mate

01-09-11, 04:31 PM
i may gatecrash if thats ok , if I come i'll bring some grub. :D

01-09-11, 05:13 PM
Are we going on a driveout. il follow Neil no Neil follow me no il follow Neil think thats how it goes with the odd bit of wrong side of road driving. This should be great fun

01-09-11, 05:54 PM
Coffee at 11 ish Ant ? (and anybody else who wants )

Danny you are welcome

01-09-11, 08:03 PM
Sounds good Chris il see you then mate.

Neil O
01-09-11, 08:05 PM
Don't follow me, it leads to trouble.

03-09-11, 03:51 PM
Andy - if you want coffee first you can meet at my place - or else you there - coffee will be on from 10.30 to 11.30

same applies to all

03-09-11, 05:43 PM
im gonna be leaving around 10, apparently theres a bit of rain first thing in the morning but i should be dry by the time i get to ya.

04-09-11, 08:24 AM
good BBQ weather :)

langbond 15
04-09-11, 08:37 AM
suns out in bridgwater, see you all at m&ps steve

andy l
04-09-11, 03:20 PM
Good to see you all and big thanks to Maurice and Paula for the BBQ :D very lucky, just made it home before the rain, hope you all made it home safe, see you soon, Andy ;)

04-09-11, 03:42 PM
Just a couple of photo's from todays BBQ at Maurice and Paulas. Very many thanks to them both. Our most gracious hosts laid on a wonderful spread,and the weather responded by being lovely and sunny. Even had a steamie whizzing round a track! Tom, you were right, rain at Okehampton!! Guess you got more than us having farther to go into the oncoming storm.

Once I manage to find out how to upload a video without going through a URL then I shall stick a couple on!
Thanks again Maurice and Paula, crackin day!
Murray and Mary

04-09-11, 03:46 PM
A couple more photos.
Even a swimming pool laid on for the kids!!
Nice engine and cockpit on Anthony's AK


04-09-11, 04:40 PM
great to meet you all, some for the first time. Thanks for the BBQ it was a fun day, even when the train nearly had an off :D I now know where all my water is going. After having a great hr driving i got to bridport and suddenly the gauge went all the way round! Turns out when the thermostat opens at 74 degrees it just ejects water through the header tank! I need to re-think my plumbing arangement. luckily no damage done after another 3 litres of water i took it easy all the way home and no more problems :)

Neil O
04-09-11, 05:08 PM
A huge thanks to Maurice and Paula for all the work they put in for us.
Cracking bbq and as always, excellent company. Quite a turnout, even Chris's top lip made a guest appearance.
Good weather for the run out this afternoon too.
We took Antony down to Exmouth to play on the swings before drifting off home.

04-09-11, 05:14 PM
Didn't get wet then like some of us??!!
Let's see if this works.
Cobra's going home (http://MuzzVids.vidmeup.com/view?q=4e63af308536c.flv)

04-09-11, 05:30 PM
Another little vid. Some Cobra's at the BBQ (http://MuzzVids.vidmeup.com/view?q=4e63b2398d8fc.flv)

04-09-11, 06:39 PM
Thanks to Maurice and Paula for a great day ,good food,good company and sunshine ! Hope to see you all next week
Laurie & Chris

04-09-11, 07:09 PM
Thanks from me as well Maurice and Paula, including all that coal shovelling and on a Sunday. Sorry we broke your toilet - it was, ahem, Neil. Unlike Andy L who sounds as though he reached Plymouth before the downpour, I ended up in a race with a huge wall of rain as to who would reach my garage first.


04-09-11, 07:26 PM
I'm saying nothing about the toilet. Great day though and a good run out to exmouth. Good to catch up with everyone and thanks for all the compliments on the latest demo car. Hope the railway track had good public liability cover given the derailment.

Neil your comments are almost as funny as chris's Brazilian lip. Not sure about the next meet given it's name of peekorama and the last one being show on the hoe. Couple that with a conversation with Neil discussing rings with recessed shanks and I think il give it a miss. Guess the southwest lot lived up to the reputation

Thanks again to all involved I to got home before the downpour.

langbond 15
04-09-11, 07:47 PM
And its thanks from nikki and i a great meet mack and gabby had a great time in your pool, and on you,re railway it was good to meet you danny and to see kath up and about again, great day see you all soon .nikki & steve

05-09-11, 07:14 AM
GOOD DAY OUT! Maurice and Paula - Brilliant !! - Thanks for your hospitality and generosity !!

Good turn out - (and I think I've sorted the two cars for Wespoint thanks James and Ant )

Ant - the reason I was pointing at the fairground - was the little merry go round with the cars on it - thought you might want to pull in and play a while !!

Yes there is Pecorama next Sunday - (its a SW thing) - anyway here's some more pics

05-09-11, 07:19 AM
And a few more

06-09-11, 03:07 PM
Thanks to everybody who came it was a great day. Maurice and Paula.:)