View Full Version : Amazing Skill

24-10-11, 01:17 PM
Like an idiot I can't find any photos - but in the Car park at Westpoint next to our Cobs was a Healey 3000 replica.

When I asked the owner which Kit - he replied - "none - I built the whole thing from scratch including the Chassis and Body and all the chromework "

It was a 4 wheel drive Turbo Cosworth powered car !! (took him 7 years apparently)

The guy had retired early from lecturing in vehicle restoration at exeter College

But what a skill to buld from scratch !! Amazing !! He even made the Healey front grill and the screen surround!!

Overall the car looked brilliant !!

Did anyone get photos?

Isn't it great that these skills are still around ?

24-10-11, 05:04 PM
no pics (got loads of the C-types) but it did look superb.