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26-10-11, 09:00 PM
Hey Everyone

After looking at the kit car magazine it says that resale value for ford based cars isn't as good I havn't even really started to build it yet alone thinking of selling it, But I allways think its worth keeping on eye on the possibility of selling.
I like the ford running gear and it is on the Ford Chassis but would be be worth swapping over to a jaguar running gear is it even possible to change the chassis enough or even worth doing.
I don't want to start the arguement of ford or Jaguar as I think they both have good qualities ?
I have to recon the existing running gear with all new rubbers & everything and the Jag running gear has a v5 with the running gear so might save a bit in the end ?

What do you reckon ?

Thanks Everyone

26-10-11, 09:03 PM
Assuming you're talking Sumo I doubt that the running gear is interchangeable between Ford and Jaguar.
I'm sure the two chassis are different.
Others will no doubt confirm.

26-10-11, 09:40 PM
Hello Kev

The car is a Cobbretti Viper it is a ford chassis and so would have to some chopping about on the chassis but thought its worth asking what people thought, one problem is I have only ever welded on a scrap piece of metal but in for a penny in for a pound eh.

26-10-11, 09:57 PM
take a look at recent cobretti sales and see of you can convince yourself that going jag is worth the hassle wrt to resale.

each car operates at its own price point in terms of money to build a 'typical' one and then the corresponding point in the resale market.
a jag based sumo will not attract significantly more value than a ford based one - it all depends on the quality of the build and its appearance at sale time.
I suspect the same applies to the cobretti

27-10-11, 08:16 AM
Hello Kevin

Thanks for that, That all sounds wise advise, I didn't really think of each car having a ceiling price, I did speak to a gent from here that was selling his Red Cobretti a short while ago andwas struggling getting rid of it and that I think had Jaguar running gear, the main reason is we all put so much effort into these cars and I don't want to be thinking in the back of my head did I really do right, I brought it from Ebay before I joined the forum and then like most learned the details after I brought it. I suppose the answer should be if I love the car it shouldn't matterwhat the specs are but its that nagging doudbt.



27-10-11, 07:42 PM
Can I ask how much spent so far and have you just got a Viper chassis and Jag rear axle at the moment. Because if so, it might be worth cutting your losses now and ditching either the chassis or the axle for what you really want, otherwise you may regret flogging the proverbial horse. If you're talking about losing a few hundred quid now in return for a long term investment worth a few thousand more, using bits that fit together properly, wouldn't it make sense to think about it now.

Besides you would also be able to sell on the unwanted parts again to regain some more funds. Just a thought anyway.

Purple AK
27-10-11, 08:09 PM
Hi Rob.
The best advise I can give you is to have a word with Bob Busbridge cobrettiviper.com (http://www.cobrettiviperv8.com/) It was his baby and he will be the one to advise you on what you want to do. Some will say he's mad as a box of frogs, but actually he's a really genuine guy who's passionate about his cobras.

bloke from stoke
27-10-11, 09:22 PM
Viper Jag or Ford, I don't think there would much difference in the resale price of either build, as with a Pilgrim Jag or Ford, build quality is far more important. Jag running gear may be a better option if going big yank power.

Kind regards Lester

28-10-11, 11:45 AM
Thanks everyone for the replies, The car was originally When I bought it sold as nearly complete it did start go & stop I originally paid £6,200.00 which I now know was too much it has all running gear and everything built but very iffy so needs all new bushes it has a Rover 3.5 With Weber Carbs, Included a set of 17" Image Wheels, Seats & Everything but some just isn't Usable, and think it is a Ford Scorpio that gave its life for the cobra. I want to try and build it for £12,000 but fabricating everything myself although I guess it will at much more to the time. I have sent Bob Busbridge an Email but hasn't replied but Guessing he's very busy, It sounds like it might be worth building whith what I have on the resale value which will probably be cheaper.

I gues you allways want what you havn't got, I like the low sleekness of the Dax and so am aiming for the same look with the viper but I think Vipers can look fantastic.it needs a new screen so am on the lookout for a Vindscreenviper too , Hehe

19-11-11, 01:35 PM

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the choice of which car to build is always difficult. The cars do have 'bands of value but Cobretti's dont cost £30k+ to build so of course they will be worth less. The Cobretti is quite a difficult build as well although I think the Sierra one is slightly easier as the inner panels are bonded in (I think). I know the Ford chassis quite well as Colin Bruce re-designed it to accept Sierra parts while I was building my Jag based one. As far as I am aware they never made a Granada based one except in the old Sheldonhurst days. They are not at all alike and if I were you I would just stick with the Ford option as I don't think it would be possible to change it without some major faffing about. Bob is around and I will pm you his phone number. The Cobretti's are never going to be worth £30k plus whatever the donor but as the cost of Cobras generally seem to be higher than they were (God knows why with petrol at £1.35a litre!) it makes sense to finish it. You should get most of your money back if you do it well.