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l'spa ram driver
14-03-12, 04:03 PM
Looking to replace the shock absorbers and springs on the old Ram now - does anyone know the spec - ie open & closed length, bush size, etc for the Ram SC - have spoken to AVO who want to know the spec to supply the right ones - Spoke to Spax who want the part number which I'm trying to read off the old ones. Spax offer bump and rebound in one knob, AVO offer seperate knobs for bump and rebound - is there a difference? Is it important? I am also going to get rubber bumpstops fitted, but with the suspension travel of a cobra, is it worth it?
Any commenst gratefully recieved


14-03-12, 06:01 PM
I replaced my spax shocks with Pro-shock shocks and springs . Really happy with them. I think GD use them now too with their own springs . I think total 'open' distance was 13" but you are better off removing one off the front and one off the back to check :D

14-03-12, 07:42 PM
Hi HughI had to replace the rears on my RAM. Probably due to lunching the drive shafts and bending the shockers. I gave spax the part number off the offending units and they made them up for me . Delivered 2 weeks later. I did reuse the springs which were fine.I have spring compressors available if needed.For info, the GD avo units I had were adjusted just the same, the only benefit was that they had a a knurled knob rather than a flat headed screwdriver slot.To be honest, once they're set where you want them, I'm not sure there's a benefit to adjustability.

l'spa ram driver
14-03-12, 08:24 PM
Hi Colin - I guess the adjustability is to set the car up properly! I am struggling slightly with the adjustment of the ride height - the shocks currently have the springs/collars down at the bottom of the shock absorber - if I rotate the collars so the spring is compressed, does that increase or decrease the ride height, and does it affect the ride of the car because it has reduced the spring travel? Do you know what size the springs were in terms of their length? Am probably going AVO as they are in a unit in Northampton with all the bits in stock, and I can't read the part number on the Spax!

15-03-12, 08:47 AM
Winding the spring seats up the damper and compressing the springs will raise the ride height. You don't need to go far on them either to make a big difference so try one turn at a time if the car is too low and take it out for a drive after to allow everything to settle back down before making another adjustment.

It will reduce the spring travel but you will never compress the spring fully anyway unless you have the wrong springs fitted so don't worry about that.

As for sizes, I would take one off the car as they are pretty easy things to remove and take one along to Avo. They can then measure and take any information they need from the old units.


15-03-12, 09:07 AM
Hi Hugh

Compressing the spring will raise the ride height. To set everything up properly, corner weighting is required. This is because adjusting the compression of a spring will change the proportion of the vehicle weight on that corner. There have been a few threads on the subject and many more people know much more about it than I!
Is yours riding too high or the other way?
On both of mine, it was the damper rate that made most difference to the stiffness of the ride (ooerr) with firmest being great for billiard table smooth surfaces but too bouncy on bumpy old Lincolnshire roads. With the AVOs on the GD, I had front set mid way, rears a couple of clicks firmer than midway for the best compromise on normal roads. The RAM was similar.
I can't remember the length or rate of the springs on my RAM and I was lucky enough to be able to re-use the old ones. I've heard of people taking old units into AVO for them to copy, is that an option?

10-04-12, 03:13 PM
I was never happy with the suspension on my Ram (350 chevy/alu heads) so I changed my Springs from 10.5" to 9.5" all round and took one of the rear shocks/springs off each side, using my original Spax shocks.
Changed to 500lbs springs on the front, from 350lbs (which were rubbish) I changed the rears to 550lbs each side, from 4 x 180lbs (felt solid but didn't work).
Over the last 10 years these changes have made the car feel and handle a lot better, the Spax shocks probably could do with replacing now!