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15-03-12, 06:44 PM
Group buy for

50.8mm un-polished stainless steel tube 1.5mm wall thickness.
Mandrel bend at 254mm centers (10 inch)
Which makes the outside measurement 304mm (12")
425mm legs which makes total height 575mm (can get longer legs if needed)

£45 ish each depending on material cost at time of order + postage.

People who want so far are;

Pim x 2
matt6687 x 2
Charmlea x 2
Adam001 ??
Dobbo ??

update below as required.

15-03-12, 06:50 PM
Just updating you all that are waiting.

Spoke the the chap today that bends them up for me and unfortunatly he has an issue with his mandrel bender, now he can do them but he said it is putting a small grove in the tube that is not acceptable for cosmetic purposes.

He is currently looking at another solution if not he has to send the equipment back to Germany (im asuming warranty).

Either way he said if he can not find an alternative bender for a short time it looks like being 4 - 8 weeks wait for his mandrel bender to be back at his work repaired.

I have arrange to phone him each week and get an update as I am one of the first in line for mandrel bends once he is back up and running.
I shall update on here each week.
Obviously this is not my job so I can not hurry anything up, but I can say it is his business so his mandrel bender will definitely be getting fixed.

If you can wait they will still be available if not then im sorry but it is out of my hands at the moment.

Kind Regards Guy

18-03-12, 12:28 PM
Hi Guy,

Thanks for the update!
I'll wait until further notice. No problem.

Best Regards,


18-03-12, 01:09 PM
Thanks for the update, am going to measure mine today and will let you know if I would like two. I take it for IVA they need the rear stay bar? I will get my mate to manufacture this.

peter v12 cobra
19-03-12, 12:41 AM
Do you have to have a rear stay bar for an IVA pass now ?

19-03-12, 06:36 PM
If you believe the DAX selling the ones with the stay bar as IVA compliant, but the single ones with no rear leg this is for pre IVA cars?

19-03-12, 06:48 PM
Thanks for the update, am going to measure mine today and will let you know if I would like two. I take it for IVA they need the rear stay bar? I will get my mate to manufacture this.

Where did you get that from?, thats i new one on me if thats the case, and AK still sell single roll hoops for new kits, the rollbars are only cosmetic anyway and a brace bar fitted to fibreglass would do nil, zero, zilch!

19-03-12, 07:33 PM

Just checked the DAX shop and the single hoops have a statement about Being able to fit to earlier models without IVA seat belt mounts so might just be me reading the statement wrong. Start to twitch a bit when see the words IVA.


19-03-12, 09:23 PM
on some kits the seat belt has to mount to the roll bars to be iva compliant, that could be what your thinking, at least i hope so, as most cars that have roll bars are not braced, at least visibly

19-03-12, 09:35 PM
I believe the 'third leg' (fnar!) on the Dax roll hoops mounts to the seatbelt mount - which is a third 'post' on the chassis inside the boot.. which (AFAIK) didn't exist on earlier chassis? Hence the three legged hoop doesn't fit old chassis as there's nothing for the back leg to sit on.

02-04-12, 05:30 PM
Phoned Mr mandrel man today and could not get hold of him, will try again tomorrow.
As soon as I know his mandrel bender is back and fixed I can take orders.

Regargs Guy

04-04-12, 02:43 PM
UPDATE for all those that were interested.

After alot of trying to repair the tooling for his mandrel bender he has come to the concluion it cant be repaired so he is going to buy new (i thought it was being sent back to germany but aparently not now)

This gets more and more complicated.
Also he has now decided to buy a bigger place to work, he will find out on May 2nd if its all a go ahead to move to his new place. so the scenario now is.

Ill phone him on May the 3rd if his new place has gone through he will be moving site and will not buy the new tooling etc because he will shut his business for 6months to build his new workshop etc etc (so this will be a 6 month wait not good)

If however on 3rd May things did not go well at the auction and he does not buy the new site then he says he will purchase the new tooling ASAP and just stay where he is. (this will be a 5 week wait from today ish.

Im sorry I cant help out any more but as you all know this is just me trying to help people out and is totally not in my hands at the moment.

Regards guy

17-08-12, 01:55 PM

Are you still taking orders for the roll hoops


17-08-12, 06:08 PM
- ah the joys of a group buy ;) ....not!

18-08-12, 11:12 AM
- ah the joys of a group buy ;) ....not!


Sorry Allen, it did happen once, then on the second grop the spplier stopped for reasons. Sorry