View Full Version : Triumph Stag gearbox wanted

14-04-12, 07:44 AM
OK, I understand this is probably not the ideal place to put an advert for a Triumph part!........However, sometimes people have all sorts of stuff tucked away.
Anyway, I'm looking for a manual Triumph Stag gearbox with overdrive for rebuilding. It's different from a TR6/vitesse/GT6/2000 gearbox as it has a longer input shaft.
If anyone has one or may know someone who does, please drop me an email or PM.
Many thanks


14-04-12, 09:36 AM
Simon - have you asked on The Stag Owners Club Forums (http://www.stag.org.uk/forum/) ?

14-04-12, 10:45 AM
Hi Wilf,

No I hadn't because you have to join the Stag owners club before they'll let you post on their forums!
I'm not keen to join the owners club just to post a single advert.
Thanks anyway...unless you know a Stag owner who could post for me?


14-04-12, 02:41 PM
Think you get a couple of free posts as a "guest" before you gain full access.

If that doesn't work, PM me and I will put up a post there for you.