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19-04-12, 09:09 AM
Hello all.

I've decided to let my Mk1 MX5 go.. well, it's a Eunos Roadster S-Special to be precise. 93K plate and a 1.6

It's shiney, fun, pulls well for a small engine (all 115 horses are there and willing)

As you can see, the wheels aren't for shy people but it does give it character!

MOT is Sept or Oct ( i'm at work, can't remember when it is exactly ) and the only bad bits are a bits of surface rust at the back of the doors and the "tweeter" is missing from the drivers door.

It comes with CD player, remote alarm/immobiliser, power steering, K&N filter panel filter, expensive front/rear spoilers, etc.

This is my 2nd Roadster and i don't really want it to go, but other plans are leading me elsewhere..

Cheap summer fun can be yours ( or your hairdresser's ) for £1650 ono.






Thank you for looking.

Neil :)

19-04-12, 09:13 AM
That should read remote central locking/alarm/immobiliser and the car is located in Melton Mowbray.


bloke from stoke
19-04-12, 05:57 PM
Looks like that Cobra is going to eat it:lol:

Kind regards Lester

19-04-12, 09:07 PM
I think it would do, given half the chance!!