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bad habits
01-05-12, 08:09 PM
Two weeks ago I took the first steps to fullfilling two of my dreams, I always wanted to build a kit car and also dreamed of owning and driving a Cobra so after doing some research and waying up the costs and logistics (I live in Ilford) of the different kits I went for a test drive in the Dax demonstrator, that was enough for me, I couldn't believe how good the ride was, what was I expecting???? anyway a couple of days later and with my partners full consent I phone Simon at Dax and paid my deposit for a rolling chassis and body, a week later I ordered a 350 chevy (355bhp) and tremec from Roadcraft, hopefully these will all be ready around the same time 10-12 weeks, so whilst waiting impatiently for things to start happening I'm spending my time clearing the garage so I can knock it down have have a bigger one built ready for my new arrival. So this is my story so far, any advice will be gratefully received.
I'll be at Stoneleigh on sunday so hope to get lots of inspiration and see the wonderfull creations that you guys and gals have already built.


01-05-12, 08:31 PM
Chris, welcome to the mad house loads of advice on here to keep you on the straight and narrow. Just finished my rolling chassis now awaiting the tub but am fitting the v12 BM engine at present, using a slush g/box though with paddle shift so will still be able to get some decent acceleration.

01-05-12, 09:19 PM
Welcome Chris.
Happy building!
Make a list of stuff you might want to buy at Stoneleigh.

Lloyd Barnes
03-05-12, 11:28 AM
You'd best be cracking on then!! Don't think the wife will be quite as happy if the garage isn't ready in time and the chevys in the kitchen!! :mrgreen:

Welcome to the forum/good luck with the build/take plenty of cash to Stoneleigh for those show bargains :-)

03-05-12, 11:44 AM
Well done Chris, Great car and engine builder you have chosen there and I'm sure you'll have many happy hours building it. :)

Enjoy :)