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19-05-12, 11:27 AM
Hi my name is Sean and i am about to enter the cobra clan as it were.
This will be my third build(my first cobra though)having built two seven types.I am not looking to build a show winning v8 with 500bhp that does 8-10mpg, but still a very tidy reasonably economical Cobra.I know this might be a contradiction of terms, but i do want to use it a lot on club runs and touring.I was looking maybe at a pilgrim with a v6, i know this would not have ground braking performance but hopefuly reliable and reasonably economical,anyway thats where i am,just waiting for my sale of the seven to go through and then action stations.I would welcome your advice and views on my ideas.Many thanks Sean

19-05-12, 03:06 PM
In your position I would do what I've done and build an AK in gelcoat with a Lexus V8 in it.

It would be more economical than the V6, more reliable than the V6, have almost twice the power than the V6 and would probably weigh less than the V6. It would also be easier and cheaper to get hold of, as it appears that Lexus V8 engines are plentiful and are available at silly money.

It would be plenty fast enough as standard, you'll get 30+ mpg on a cruise and would also have something with scope for cheap tuning should you wish to head for north of 500 bhp.



19-05-12, 05:07 PM
Hi sean,

you are obviously handy spinning the odd spanner if this is your 3rd build so I would say go with what youre comfortable with, make a plan that suits you, whether thats V6 pilgrim or not then stick to it. Enjoy


Lloyd Barnes
19-05-12, 09:06 PM
With the availability of cheap v8s, Lexus, Rover etc and the reduction in value of the finished item, it would be hard to recommend building a v6 powered car IMHO.

Your call but definitely worth doing the sums carefully. Welcome to the club :-)

20-05-12, 10:18 AM
Thanks for your views guys, a Lexus v8 is a new one to me as a powerplant would parts not be expensive being Japanese.Does it have imobilizers built into its wiring system like BMW or is it just a case of getting motor +ecu.I must admit it would be reliable ,i will look into this.
Many thanks Sean

20-05-12, 11:02 AM
Hi Sean,

Welcome to the site :)

TonyD would be you're best bet for weird and wonderful engines - E.G. Lexus etc


20-05-12, 05:30 PM
Get a pre 96 Lexus and theres no immobilisers so you just need engine and ecu. As regards costs I was recently told by a serial Lexus V8 collector ( you know who you are) that he's paying no more than £200 each for his engines complete with standard auto gearboxes. With 275 to 300 bhp ( decatted) thats cheap power.



20-05-12, 05:52 PM
Do you go with the auto box or is there a conversion to manual. Thanks Sean

21-05-12, 09:17 AM
Do you go with the auto box or is there a conversion to manual. Thanks Sean

Being a lazy git I stick with the standard auto but manual conversions using conversion kits from are available, normally Supra gearboxes are favoured.



bloke from stoke
21-05-12, 10:55 AM
Do you go with the auto box or is there a conversion to manual. Thanks Sean

Hi Sean if you want to see some pics of a Lexus engine being fitted into a Pilgrim do a search for "Bloody Pikeys" and "Rob's V8 Lexus photos" on this forum, loads of information and photographs and a few laughs:p

Kind regards Lester