View Full Version : General Kit Car Meet - remember Betley in 2009?

27-07-12, 08:46 AM
guys some of you will recall the kit car gathering that we had at Bentley nr Lewes in the Sept of 2009, the sun shone and about 70 cars of differing styles turned up. That gathering was the forerunner for the founding of SKCC and we're thinking of a repeat this year, at a similar time Sept 9th.

At this stage we're gauging interest ahead of confirming venue, but as before it would likely be somewhere twixt Lewes and Horsham ( quite possibly Bentley once again). To those that weren't around back then - there were a few 'convoy points' where anyone could pitch up ( with warning ) and join in a bit of a convoy style run to Bentley, cars parked up there was a good old natter amongst the owners and at that place there were things to wander off to have a look at. From memory it was about a fiver pp/person to get in paid on the gate.

So........any of you guys interested?
Mark G ( info@southernkitcars.com )

22-08-12, 01:12 PM
ok guess the amount of viewers versus replies gives the answer to 'gauging interest'......so will write this off. SKCC will still do something similar that day and details will be on the skcc forum in the Group Events section.