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09-08-12, 10:21 AM

I have been thinking about building a Cobra kit car for a while now and hopefully will start to build one next year.

At the moment I am thinking about a GD427 and so I am trying to start sourcing some donor parts and get them all ready for the build.

This forum has been very helpful in finding out a lot of information and I hope to utilise it even more when I begin.

Nice to meet you all.


09-08-12, 11:02 AM
Hello and Welcome Jonathan, hope you enjoy the experiance, do your homework when sourcing parts, there are a lot of dodgy dealers out there, ideally source a complete car that you can see, and purchase all the parts and log book from that same car, otherwise you are relying on the honesty (or lack of) the dealer, and may end up buying twice as i did, Regards Col

09-08-12, 11:16 AM
Welcome Jonathan, good advice from Col there. make sure you read up on the DVLA requirements for registering your completed vehicle, you'll need to prove the history of certain items to obtain either a new registration, age related or a Q plate.


Lloyd Barnes
09-08-12, 07:11 PM
As in the Shetland Isles?

Bit of a trek to the nearest club meet but I guess you won't see many others on the roads up there!!! :-D

Welcome to the club :-)

10-08-12, 10:05 AM
Hi Lloyd,

Yes the Shetland Isles up in the far north. There was somebody who started a Dax Tojeiro here but moved away with it. There are no Cobras up here, so it would be a very small local club. The roads are nice and quiet.

There is a motorsport club and a Classic Car Club. There is a big classic car show every two years when lots of enthusiasts make the brave ferry trip from Aberdeen including locals. It's a good week.

My car will hopefully be part of the show some day.................

Just need to get all the parts together.