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18-08-12, 09:47 AM
Hi general question - how many members are in scotland and do you have any meetings ?



19-08-12, 09:01 PM

If you are a club member you will get an email from the Scotland Area Rep letting you know what and when things are organised. I don't think Ed uses this forum though so you would probably be best getting his details via the club.

Other than that most guys seem just to do their own thing, normally there are a scattering of cars at various shows.

Where in Scotland are you?


19-08-12, 10:05 PM
Hi Andy thanks for the response , I stay in fife was just wondering if you guys meet up occasionally and if so where .
Many thanks Alan

20-08-12, 12:43 AM
Hi Alan,
As far as I'm aware there hasn't been any regional meetings in Scotland for a long time. There used to be lunches organised a couple of times a year many moons ago, but nothing now and to be honest, lunch meets weren't my idea of fun. I think Ed Strachan, who is the Area Rep, works abroad so is not very active. I do occasionally meet other Cobra members at shows but they are never organised.
I don't know how many members there are in Scotland, but there is a fair number, but because of the area and the dispersion of population we are spread relatively thin on the ground. The biggest group of Cobras I've ever seen in Scotland recently has been genuine ACs.


Mechanic Doofus
19-09-12, 11:58 AM
I am a Scottish forum newbie and have enjoyed the 3 dry days we have had this year driving my recently purchased Cobra. I am glad you brought up this thread as I too had wondered if there was some great clan of Cobra owners cruising around the glens! I have gone down the buy cheap and augment over the years approach to my wee cobra as there was no way I was going to persuade my missus to allow me to blow 30K of the family cash on what I wanted. As such I had hoped to find a meet where lots of guys who built their machines gather to get some advice. I also feel a bit of a loser as most folk seem to have built their own wheels and I am a bit of an ignoramus who has just gone out and bought mine! Do any of you guys know of any big north of England meets? I am in the west near Aberfoyle by the way.
MD (Gavin)

20-09-12, 01:51 PM
There are a lot of cobra owners in Scotland. Unfortunately it's too big a place for eveyone to be able to meet. The club meets used to happen around Stirling many moons ago and I haven't heard of any recently. I know of a number of cobra owners in the West - not all using the forum. Some involved in the Scottish Kit Car Club. The difficulty is deciding on a venue and whether we meet up for a lunch somewhere which can restrict you from talking to a lot of the attendees. As Clive says not everyones idea of fun and I think the meets started to go the way of going for a weekend away somewhere with a stopover and actually drive the car.
I'm down near Killie.
It would be helpfull if the Scottish members could be more specific with their location on their info mind you.
Maybe the weather (or petrol price) has made us more reclusive.

23-09-12, 12:24 PM
Hi Gavin
I ,m in glasgow not to far from your self. As john said not many meets on the west coast, the kit car club in kilmarnock was a good club with monthly meets havent been in years since moving back to glasgow. Bye the way john, Big john in fenwick has after many years bought a Cobra kit car Hopefully see it on the road next year.

cheers james

24-09-12, 11:12 AM
Another mug like us. You must have worked on him pretty hard. What kind has he went for?
I'm finally putting plans in for a big garage to work on my cars. It'll take up most of the back garden but suits me fine.
Maybe need to get a meet going in the future - maybe every second month or something?
Meant to say I lost my mobile at Le Mans this year so I lost your mobile number along with everyone else.

24-09-12, 09:26 PM
He got a part started GD jag based one in black mk4 body style. Should be very shiny when finished. We would have to meet in the kings arms fenwick for john to come along. Just got to roughcast my garage then i can finally move the cobra in and start the winter rebuild. Took the plunge and booked for the 2013 le man in june, nice cheataux not too far from the circuit. Need to question you about the best way to travel ferry from newcastle or eurotunnel ?

cheers james

24-09-12, 11:40 PM
Definately go eurotunnel. If you've read my posts on travelling to the classic I had a horribly long run down to Le Mans in 2010 from Amsterdam using the Newcastle ferry. Maybe I left it too late mind you by arriving on Friday. I left wed. this year and travelled to folkstone. Left Crosshouse at 10.30 got there around 7 ish. stayed over and got tunnel out on the thursday morning. Had a great run down to both Folkestone and then Le Mans. In saying that I wasn't in a hurry this time as I gave myself extra time to get there. Live and learn eh?
Gonna use the Newcastle ferry to go do the Stelvio and Nurburgring at some point as it should be ideal for that.

18-12-12, 08:28 PM

Need some inspiration to get on with my Euro mk4, ls6, had it for a few years and got sidelined with Austin Healey's but just clearing garage to get on with it.
I am just outside Balerno towards Glasgow.

How far on are you with yours?