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21-08-12, 03:27 PM
Our Next "First Sunday "Meet will be at the Classic Gathering organised by Thornfalcon Classics just off Jn 25 of the M5 on Sunday the 2nd September.

Its a big gathering of over 1000 cars and maybe the Bristol boys would like to "come on down?"

We are thinking of meeting up at Sainsbury car park just off the Jn 25 (Taunton) turn off - at about 10.30 and convoying in

Its near Mount Somerset Hotel Henlade off the A358 - TA3 5NB

Its free entry but gets crowded so they suggest we trollin about 11

They have a web site you can view the event

In the Meantime - Please do a Sun dance for Pentillie next weekend

The Great Redmondo
23-08-12, 07:47 AM
Chris, Count me in for this one.

27-08-12, 10:48 AM
Its a shame that the weather conspired against us for Pentillie - I have dropped a note to them expressing sympathy and seeing if we can negoitiate a deal on our stand fees - so watch this space

Weather permitting - we are going to the Thornfalcon Classic meet near Taunton (Henlade)next Sunday the 2nd - meeting first if you wish at Sainsbury car park just off junction 25

timings - they are going to put space aside for us and it starts at 11 so I suggest we meet at the Sainsbury Car park at 10.15 to 10.30? its only 10 minutes from there (you can look up their website under Thornfacon Classics)

Its free to get in and there are various food stalls and a beer tent

For those that wish - coffee will be on at my place from 9 am and we convoy up the back roads leaving at say 9.45? I am about 25 mins South

andy l
27-08-12, 12:56 PM
Hi Chris
Dont think we will have much luck with pentillie refund, but the weather forcast is looking good for the coming weekend, all being well, i will see you for coffee, around 0900 hrs, Andy

langbond 15
01-09-12, 08:52 PM
nikki and i will see you at sainburys looking forward to catching up with all see you in the morning, steve

02-09-12, 06:55 AM
see you there:)

stu e
02-09-12, 05:39 PM
Great to see you all today. A good show and good company. Hope you all got home ok and dry.

See you all next time.


langbond 15
02-09-12, 09:11 PM
Like wise, Good to se so many diffrent cars in one place can not belive that this meet,s been going for 36 years, i only live 11 miles from it and never heard of it
oh well be sure to look out for it next year , steve

andy l
02-09-12, 09:53 PM
Great car meet, good to see you all again, made it back ok, just a bit of light rain aroung Ivybridge, see you at next meet, Andy ;)

03-09-12, 06:18 AM
good to see you all again! It made me laugh that I was practically parked on the end of the cobras :D

The Great Redmondo
03-09-12, 08:58 AM
Tanks to Chris for co-ordinating our club attendance. Great to see you all again, had a great day out. Probably get down your neck of the woods again for the Exeter Kit Car Show.

03-09-12, 11:32 AM
Very disappointed that the club awning and jacuzzi were not in evidence. Danny and his MX5 gang will begin to think we are going a bit soft.

03-09-12, 01:44 PM
I told you Tim - Gazebo in North Petherwin and I aint digging yet another bloody pit for the sw club jacuzzi - we'll be getting a reputation

- it was enough that there was a pink smart car in attendance.

03-09-12, 02:25 PM
As Murray was busy roofing and failed to fulfill his function as Court Photographer - here are some non professional attempts