View Full Version : Considering a build

17-10-12, 09:47 AM
Good morning.
Im considering building a sumo. I have a world of questions to ask. But I'll start off with the simple ones.
Can anybody tell me the size of the chassis? I need to make sure it fits in the garage before I start anything. :)
Also what size areas did you guys use?


Lloyd Barnes
17-10-12, 11:13 AM
Hi Rob, welcome to the club :-)

Can't help you with chassis size but a finished cobra inc body is approx 4000mm x 1750mm. They have been built regularly in single garages if thats what you have.

Have a good look at all the marques before you commit to one, whilst the initial chassis cost may vary a lot, many of the other expensive parts, engine/gbox, wheels, windscreen etc etc are the same price whatever car you build so the finished costs are closer than might be apparent at first glance. Nothing wrong with a Sumo, just that its worth considering all options.

Where abouts in mid Wales are you? I've got a Crendon in build just outside Newtown and there are some others in the area if you want to see some actual cars.