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28-01-13, 06:19 AM
Hi All, My name is David Ellis, I'm coming up to 61 yrs old, and expecting to retire from my occupation in the next couple of years. I am a Chief Engineer on a Container Vessel, currently trading in the Far East around Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. I am interested in buying a good example of Cobra Replica. Firstly, I want to attend a trade fair / show so that I can get a feel for what to look for and gather some experience in dodging the pitfalls of poor examples. It would be nice to attend a Cobra Club meeting sometime during my forthcoming leave which will be between Mid March to Mid June approximately. I currently reside in Southport Merseyside. Please contact me if you can be of assistance in my quest for my dream car. DD:):(:(

Paul B
28-01-13, 08:40 AM
Your timing is perfect. Go to Stoneleigh near Coventry for the Annual Kit Car show, probably the biggest in the UK, where you will get to see up to 120 cars from many different manufacturers. It is held over the May Bank Holiday with the Sunday being the most popular day.

National Kit Car Motor Show (http://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/)

Have fun looking !


Roger Shackleton
28-01-13, 08:43 AM
Hi David

The national kit car show in May at Stoneliegh ( Nr Coventry ) is the place to go. You will see most of the Replica manufacturers and lots of privately owned examples,you will be able to chat to the owners and maybe even get a ride out.



28-01-13, 12:58 PM
Hi David, Ditto re stoneleigh, you wont find a bigger collection of cobras anyware, but there are some other smaller shows dotted about the area, that often have cobs in attendance (in better weather), Preston supercar meet (Phantom winger) often have a few, also a few at Preston Leagate meet (often attended by a cob owner from Liverpool), though none are for sale, it will give you an insight into what to look out for, i could also give you a quick spin in mine, pm me if you need any details

28-01-13, 01:40 PM

You've a Private Message, take a look and drop me a line if interested.