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29-01-13, 04:17 PM
Not a Cobra but the sale of my better half's X type Jag.

I spoiled her at Christmas and got her a convertible mercedes and that has now replaced her Xtype. We have owned for about 3 years and its been a good solid, and most importantly trustworthy machine. Yes I know it's just a Mondeo in a frock, but its a 2.5V6 petrol, permanent all wheel drive (which is truly outstanding in this snow we've just had... Point it in the direction you want to go and no issues whatsoever) not many mondeo's do that.

Car is a 51 X-type 2.5V6 petrol with 83k on the clock, light metallic blue. There will be 12 months MOT (with no advisories) with the sale, and will put 6months tax on.

Full leather trim (light grey) digital climate control, heated front screen, electric hight adjust drivers seat, electric front windows, electric heated mirrors and washer jets, steering wheel stereo control, remote central locking with headlight on/off on the fob. Upgraded uppers stainless mesh grill (not the standard plastic)

I put it in for its test today and got 3 fail points.
1. Rear tyre on the limit, replaced straight away on way back from garage.
2. Rear brake pipes corroded, I'm doing those this week.
3.drivers side door handle didn't open? I've just took the door card off today and cleaned the mechanisms greased up and all fine now. Was just sticking a little.

so I'll take it for a retest just prior to sale, so the new owner gets as much MOT as possible and will put tax on also.

Overall in canny condition, couple of car park dings and front lower valance scratch, but good nick for its age and its usage.

I seriously don't know what it's worth? I know what I paid 3 years ago and I've seen same age cars with higher mileage up for just under 2k. So I think £1500 sounds fair ONO.

if sold through the forum a donation will be made naturally. And I'll provide pictures if anyone here is interested.


29-01-13, 06:42 PM
Could you PM me some pics including the worst of the damage/marks? Might be tempted...

29-01-13, 07:05 PM
I'll take some tomorrow matey as I'm getting the brake lines done. Then I'll post them up.

Its a nice car and I have been able to trust it 100% for the last 3 years which is satisfying in my mind when driving around with a toddler in the back. I truly will be sad to see if go.

I might have another buyer.... However he wants it for nothing lol. My dad drives a Maserati Quattoporte GT-S and with the recent weather we've had you can guess how far that got off the drive?? :???::eek: So he has expressed an interest as it will get through anything you put I front of it!!! Seriously good car in the snow.

29-01-13, 07:20 PM
ok - let me know either way. Would be good to see the pics.

02-02-13, 10:30 AM
Got some quick pictures, still needs a clean and polish so apologies for not having that done.... Only 24 hours in a day :rolleyes: