View Full Version : Hoveringham Wonderland Car Show

10-06-13, 07:43 PM
Dropped into this car show on Sunday 9th June intending to park in the public car park and have a wander round. Girl on the gate convinced me to exhibit, despite the car being a bit grubby. What a great show!! About 200 cars of all kinds, mine was the only Cobra and one of only 3 kit cars, the others being a Ginetta and a 3 wheeler morgan type thing. Loads of Capri's, fast Fords, TVR's Porches and a great display of American muscle including a Shelby Mustang and a Dodge Charger. Also on display were the strange and wonderful including modified Jap cars, TR's, Morris Marinas and a row of Audi S2's??

Great show, maybe the East Midlands mob should consider a visit next year?