View Full Version : North east charity.

23-08-13, 08:53 PM
Evening everyone.

I have recently taken on another day job as I have another mouth to feed later on in the year.

We are having a fundraising day to launch a new store catalog (can't be arsed to go into to many details, but I will if anyone is interested)

but I mentioned to the gaffer that some local members might be happy to bring their Cobras along and allow some people to have a nebb basically. We have some go-carts from the local track also coming, compleat with mario (so like super mario cart) and Cobra beside it could be quite cool. Its a fundraising event with all money donated going to a local charity.

So if anyone local with a finished car interested then PM me your number and I will give you a call to go through some details.

A week Monday would be the requested date if possible. 2nd of Sep