View Full Version : Proper Horsepower from a SBF

Purple AK
04-01-14, 12:53 AM
As title How to build HORSEPOWER - Ford 461ci Windsor V8 by Dandy Engines - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJRMLfrlPvg)

04-01-14, 06:31 PM
So what was Ford apart from the Rocker covers? ;)



04-01-14, 10:13 PM
lol Tony, was going to say the same after the DART block bit appeared - hehe


05-01-14, 01:05 AM
LOL, yes I could post the same thing about Chevys!:wink:, only difference it comes with Chevy rocker covers so originality snobs need not apply!:smile:, Great video though, good old fashioned engineering, 854hp out of an old smoker with no yuppie turbo or dandy fuel injection, takes some doing!

05-01-14, 09:42 AM
Yes, takes some doing! I wonder how much it all cost though. As much as I would like half that horsepower, I doubt I could afford it.:(

05-01-14, 10:17 AM
So what was Ford apart from the Rocker covers? ;)



It's funny that my stoker kit for the 408 Cleveland actually uses the same size big end journals as a 350 Chevy, and therefore the kit comes with Chevy big end bearings. If putting Chevy parts into a Ford Cleveland wasn't bad enough, worse still is the fact that it's going to end up in the Crendon! - yes, I'm actually going to have to defile a CR427 by using Chevy parts! JK will probably put out a contract on me, lol!