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09-01-14, 07:15 PM
Due to personal reasons, I will need to sell my cobra that was completed only last year in September. It is a fully specced AK LS3 in jag flag blue. Pretty well all extras. I was wondering what I should ask for it? AK told me a summertime figure, but thought I would seek some more advice from you.
The mileage, when it comes to sell, later this year (july ish) will be under 1000.
Here are the specs..:

Chevy LS3
Tremec TK600
twin side pipes
Stone guards
Front and rear nudge bars, wind wings, sun visors, Twin steel hoops, Half tonneau and soft top. 18" halibrands
Blue carpet throughout, leather dash (mushroom colour) flight instruments, P700 lights, aluminium indicator stalks.
mileage 1000m
first registered Oct 2013 Passed IVA first time - AK set up engine for me and did wiring as well as orebody bonding checks. They also did the IVA for me.
Think these are the main features of it - might remember more later!28019

10-01-14, 10:09 PM
As none has replied so far, and as a non-AK expert, Id go for £22k.
Maybe a fellow AK-er can give a better estimate?

But its the wrong time of year to sell - hope you arent in a rush.

pete knighton
10-01-14, 10:29 PM
hello,my AK gen 1 reg2009 ls2 if I add up what it cost me to build it would be around £32000 , but would not get that for it, imo 28 to 30g would be a realistic price for yours. This is my opinion ,best take advice from John at AK,Pete

Purple AK
10-01-14, 10:38 PM
28 - 30 would have been my thoughts too Pete. 22 is 10year old RV8 bargain money

10-01-14, 11:03 PM
Happy to stand corrected ... the wild guess 'bump' did the trick then ;)

11-01-14, 12:11 AM
Surely AK have told you the value you are likely to achieve and with their experience is that not a good enough guide?


11-01-14, 08:43 AM
28 - 30 would have been my thoughts too Pete. 22 is 10year old RV8 bargain money

Sorry to hear you have to sell it so soon. I agree 28-30 is a good starting point, but to pull out the old addage, an item is worth what someone will pay for it, so you have to hear what the market is telling you when you start to sell, which will be more accurate than over optimistic Cobra owners :-D:-D

11-01-14, 10:05 PM
ak suggested 38k for a summer sale...just wanted to hear all your thoughts! Little under what I expected to hear - Will follow Ak's advice as they know the car. Wife expecting twins in July which is why the car has to go! Reluctantly!

pete knighton
12-01-14, 08:22 AM
hope you get that for it,(Jon knows what he is talking about) that makes mine worth more than i thought it was, there was one at the N.E.C Classic car show for sale at £157,750, 427 side oiler, top loader g/box , didn`t look any better than ours, good look with the twins they will be a handfull, just had my 11 month old grandson for two days i`m knackered glad to get back to work for a rest, by the way what`s your name, Pete

12-01-14, 10:03 AM
Hi Pete, it Appears that good spec newish cobras have retained value of late and gone for good prices. Will let you know how I get on when I put it on the market in May June. Thx Will