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06-05-14, 05:10 PM
Hi Local Lads,
Popped over to East Peckham, (near Paddock Wood on the A228) to be precise THE BUSH, BLACK BIRD & TRUSH! Pub. On Sunday (1st of every month) is a classic car show this being the 2nd one of the season, I only had an 1 1/2 hours there but by the time I left a good spread of taste had turned up, by 13:30 some 45+ cars were on show, Joined to this venue is the pub real quintessential?, looked like a good menu for those wanting food, and real ale!.. This is one for a regular meet for me! Spencer and his son organise the meet and asked me to spread the word......


There seems to be a lot of threads for the South East Region, that should be Kent,Surrey,East Sussex! we could have N S E W & MID Kent as well
no wonder I can't find any thing!!!!!!!!!! LoL

06-05-14, 05:16 PM
Just to let you guys know! I'm signed up to few local car shows such as Bearsted (Maidstone) Sissinghurst, Darling buds of May (Bethersden) and Aylesford Priory
plus the usual local meets
If any one would like details of these events? PM me with proper e-mail address and I will make up a list


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15-05-14, 05:36 PM
Hi Tony,

I agree with you there are so many multiple news threads that it is difficult to keep up todate with. I am still trying to drum up involvement in the American Speed Fest but its hard work and at the moment we only have four cars posted to attend so run the risk of not being allocated a club parking area?

I have just gone through all of the SE Events news threads and posted the same message. I know you posted an impassioned plea for participation, but I am getting very little response.

Have you considered thje London to Brighton Kit & Sports Car run on the 1st June? Entres close tomorrow


18-05-14, 06:26 AM
definitely up for the The bush, blackbird and Thrush, very local and looks great venue, wont be there for 1st of June though, London to Brighton but hope to catch it first Sunday July or August.