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18-05-14, 07:16 AM
Hi all,

fairly new to the forum and don't want to step on any ones toes,:D I have meet a few of you through the forum and at meets but i have to say very slowly and it does seem to be a bit difficult at times. this has been echoed by a couple of guys I have meet with. I have sent out a couple of PM's to names that I have seen on threads that are local and have made the following suggestion.
I hope no one is offended and shoot me down in flames if this is not a good idea/been done/doesnt work, all of the mentioned?

I know the grass hopper is still up and running on the 4th Sunday, is the Newnham court still attended on Wednesday evenings?

A few of us in the Kent/SE area are trying to put a list together for run outs and meets. I don't know about you guys but sometimes find it difficult to get information regarding what local events are out there or drum up support for those we already attend. if you're interested send me your phone numbers, emails etc and I will keep you posted. a lot of people, myself included make a look out for the weather and and make impromptu arrangements for a run out, if we all had a local database, a quick group email or text and bobs your uncle we have a meet:idea:
let me know and spread the word.

18-05-14, 08:05 AM
Royce, are you a paid up member of the club, or just a member of the forum?

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18-05-14, 08:35 AM
This is a great idea and one I would like to persue with you. See PM

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19-05-14, 04:15 PM
the official UKCC web site is UkCobraClub (http://www.ukcobraclub.co.uk/)