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18-05-14, 10:03 AM
My Dax Cobra, currently in the process of being rebuilt, is for sale. Basically, I need the cash. If anyone here is interested, or knows someone that might be, then PM me and I'll be in touch.

A brief run-down:-

1985 (I think) Dax body/chassis, already painted. I have pretty much all the parts needed to build, as the cars has been dismantled for a refurb. Jaguar front and rear suspension, XJ12 2.88-1 LSD. I have all receipts for it.

The engine is pretty special, has been completed rebuilt, and not run since. Brief spec is-

K&N 14” air filter
Air Flow Research 195 Eliminator heads, 65cc chambers, 2.050 inlet, 1.60 exhaust
Competition Cams 1.6 ratio roller rockers
Edelbrock Victor Junior inlet manifold, port matched.
Crower custom-ground Hi-Torque cam
TRW 0.10” dome forged pistons, 10.5 – 1 compression
Summit Racing con-rods
Tubular headers 1.75”
Accel HEI distributor
True roller timing set
Assembly dynamically balanced
Chevy 010 Block, 4-Bolt Mains, decked, line honed.
Maximum RPM 7,000.

Crower Cam Special Grind E-64473
Lobe Separation 108°
Duration @ 0.50” 243° inlet
246° exhaust
Inlet opens 17.5° BTDC Closes 45.5° ABDC
Exhaust opens 55° BBDC Closes 11° ATDC
Inlet lift @0.050” 0.356
Exhaust lift 0.349
Valve lift 1.6 ratio 0.562 inlet
0.566 exhaust
Valve clearance Inlet 0.016” Hot
Exhaust 0.018” Hot

Already mated up to it via a McLeod Street Strip clutch and hydraulic release bearing is a Richmond Gears Street 5-Speed, fully rebuilt with new synchro hubs. It has a 'Long' shifter.

I have all new Smiths instruments, a Mojave heater is fitted in the passenger footwell. Two leather seats, rollover bar and forward removable brace. Compomotive HB wheels. I have custom made headers and side pipes.

Picture prior to me ripping it all to pieces:
http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee189/chillidoggy/Cobra/Cobra_on_drive-1.jpg (http://s232.photobucket.com/user/chillidoggy/media/Cobra/Cobra_on_drive-1.jpg.html)
Engine/gearbox assembly
http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee189/chillidoggy/Cobra/Cobraengineampgearbox005a_zps248aac12.jpg (http://s232.photobucket.com/user/chillidoggy/media/Cobra/Cobraengineampgearbox005a_zps248aac12.jpg.html)

I'm looking for £10,000 for the lot, but might separate out the parts as long as it all goes.

18-05-14, 11:59 PM
Hi Childoggy
I know someone who's looking for a 'cobra project', ideally he wants a Ford engine, I'll get in touch with him tomorrow, and if he's interested will let you know.

19-05-14, 08:43 AM
Surely there's only one guy who would be interested in a Purple Cobra :-) (but let's not get into DAX vs AK eh!)


Adrian Shropshire
19-05-14, 04:09 PM
Hi, thanks for the call, could you ring me back thanks, Adrian, 07735 343444. /. 01952 279696 .

20-05-14, 01:58 PM
Now sadly sold.