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28-07-14, 10:10 AM
A bit off topic but you guys here know everything.

We're moving house soon and have been doing a clear out. I have a quantity of wood that I don't want to take with me, does any know of a wood re-cycler that would collect? (From Tunbridge Wells).

I have a whole range from off cuts to a sheet of chip board, a couple of old work tops and some painted mdf of various sizes.


28-07-14, 11:24 AM
To be honest unless you have a massive skip load then the recyclers will not want to know. We get rid of 2 massive skips of wood eack week at my works and it costs £220 per skip. This just pays for the lorry and mileage. Mileage is only 40 miles each way. Hence, I believe your best bet is to advertise it in the local paper at a cheap price and I bet you it will be gone very quick!

28-07-14, 12:15 PM
Freecycle will see it gone, I'm sure

28-07-14, 02:55 PM
Just put a sign on it 'Wood for Sale' it'll be gone by the morning!