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Hi everyone,
This month, Guy Beston has kindly stepped in as guest editor with a report of the July meet and the Le Mans Classic 2014.

Sunday was a beautiful day – a really good day for a drive in the car that needs no introduction. First a slow chug with all the traffic out of town then a quick blast out to Woodbridge, some more chug chug around Woodbridge then another blast out to Wickham Market village hall to the Pop up Pub.
This was a corner of the hall which had been taken over by a mobile bar firm with 9 different beers and 8 different ciders on display. The only trouble was that as we arrived on the third day of a three day beer festival, the choice was a bit limited; especially ciders with only one of eight available. However a taste of “Mr Grundy’s Passchendale” was very nice. Andy Edmonds arrived soon after me and gave a further update on the Cobra building marathon which he is currently battling with. As an Agricultural Engineer, summer is very busy so car building has to simmer on the back burner so Andy can earn some money to add “shiny bits” later on.
Andy and Joy Soar then arrived and took up the other half of the car park with their 1964 Cadillac. We arrived in brilliant sunshine but within half an hour grey clouds had started to form. The question was “Is it going to rain? No I’m sure it won’t but I will put the tonneau cover just in case.” Just as well I did - half an hour of monsoon rain kept everybody in the “Pub” but I am pleased to report that the rain equipment worked well and kept the water at bay, leaving a dry cockpit. Andy Soar on the other had had to spend a few minutes bailing out the rear foot-wells due to a mysterious leak in the roof.

Following our recent return from the Le Mans Classic, Andy and I swopped stories of our time at the premier classic car show with Cobras and lots of other old and new car exotica on display. I think Andy might have had slightly the better surroundings as he had journeyed to France in his Aston Martin DBR1 recreation and was wined and dined in the Aston Martin Owners Club and other lofty surroundings for most of his time there. Apparently goblets of brandy the size of small swimming pools were on hand along with magic wine bottles which did not empty. No driving was required but apparently an early hours taxi ride back to his camp site at Camping Blue Nord was quite expensive.
Picture 1 below shows a café where we stopped for a beer and a coffee in the small french town of Mary Celest. No not really it was just completely deserted. The only person we saw was the lady behind the bar.
After 6 hours of being baked en route to Le Mans by the French sunshine, and nearly 1½ hours trying to get through Rouen, picture 2 Mark Buxton and I finally arrived at our campsite next to the Porsche Curves and found our pitch number written on the grass - was worth a picture. One of the reasons we chose this particular site was that there was an on-site Bar. Anyway after 6 hours at 80° the question everybody has to ask themselves is “Put the tent up in the heat or have a quick drink to cool down.” Well I think everybody knows the answer to that!

Anyway as the shadows were getting longer one of the security staff, who was helping the beers to go down said “If you give his son a go in your car one of the site staff will put your tent up for you” - well after three pints and not too much food this seemed like a very excellent idea - picture 3. So while my French “slave” went to work, Mark tried to do the same with his tent – I will let you decide how he got on. I did give the neighbours a laugh whilst I tried to do my bit by putting up the sunshade which also acts as a rain cover. This consists of two poles holding up a flysheet with eight guy ropes and eight pegs. ”Simples” as Alexander the Meer cat would say, a right giggle I would say.
Another reason for the choice of site was the on-site food tent; well we tried it once then went back to the tried and tested formula of Do It Yourself with supplies bought in – much better, as demonstrated by Mark.
We spent three great days examining exotic old classic cars and lots of new cars. One of the stands we could not get onto was the “Ferrari through the decades” This stand was completely rammed with people drooling over lots and lots of old, very expensive Ferrari’s including Nick Mason’s GTO.
A favourite part of the holiday is always the “Mulsanne experience.” When the racing is over eventually the roads are opened to the public again and it is always fun to drive along the public roads which form the extended track of the 24 hours race in an enthusiastic manner especially the Mulsanne straight and the Indianapolis corner. This year we escorted one of our neighbours Mark and his partner Jackie in this ritual. He unfortunately was not allowed to drive as the French Gendarmes had removed his licence in a rather dubious excuse of excessive speed which he would contest when he returned to England. Jackie had never driven Mark’s Pride and Joy, a TVR Griffith 500 and had never driven in France so the spirited drive was not quite as spirited as it could have been but I think you can understand why. Even with this slight “fly in the ointment” I can quite happily say that everybody had a great time.
To those of you who have been, the Le Mans Classic was as good as it has always been and to those of you who have not been – WHY NOT you don’t know what you are missing. Guy Beston

Many thanks Guy.

…..and so, to this month’s meet on Sunday 17th August @ 12:00. This month is the turn of West Suffolk. Our good friend the Good Pub Guide - Reviews of the UK's best pubs (http://www.thegoodpubguide.co.uk/) has been consulted and we have come up with this month’s location…..
…. which is - The George Inn, The Green, Cavendish, Suffolk, CO10 8BA, The George at Cavendish Suffolk. Restaurant with Accommodation | Short Breaks | Weddings (http://www.thecavendishgeorge.co.uk/) and 01787 280248. Don’t forget to phone and book if you intend to dine please.

The show and event season is up and running, here’s a few you may be interested in. If you are aware of any others that are worth visiting, please let us know –
25th August - Lavenham Rare Breeds Classic Car Festival
12-14th September - Goodwood Revival
14-16th November - Classic Motor Show, NEC Birmingham

We’re continuing to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
Here’s our forthcoming regional programme – if you have a recommendation or favourite venue, please let us know.
August 2014 – West Suffolk
September 2014 – West Norfolk - The Bridge Inn, 2 Fakenham Rd, Lenwade, Norfolk NR9 5SE (thanks to Colin Hendry for his recommendation)
October 2014 – East Norfolk - The White Hart Inn, High Road, Roydon, Diss, Norfolk IP22 5RU (thanks to Mark Bright for his recommendation)
November 2014 – East Suffolk - The White Horse Inn, Low St, Badingham, Suffolk IP13 8JR (thanks to Guy Beston for his recommendation)
December 2014 – West Suffolk

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