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18-12-14, 04:59 PM
Age related back problems now make getting out of the car a rather undignified affair (open door, fall sidewards, roll over and start crawling...and all without touching the hot exhaust).
Immaculate condition of much loved car. 2004. Three previous owners (including the builder). Rover V8 SDI rebuilt with new gaskets on installation. 28,000 Km. 5- speed gearbox. Hydraulic clutch. New exhaust baffles (better airflow and sound). 17 "Halibrand wheels. Racing sump giving 5cm greater ground clearance. LHD P700 Tripod period headlamps. Trigger handbrake. Start button. Lots of money spent. Never seen rain (it has a soft top but it's never been used!) And the Cobra is always garaged.
The car is presently residing in Budapest, Hungary on a SORN. I bought it here originally to have it registered, as I was previously informed that this would be no problem once the car was presented. Of course, on arrival at the testing station, there was a lot of tutting and head shaking and then it transpired vai a quiet conversation "around the back" that registration could only occur for a rather large sum of cash in a blank envelope! A while later, a change in the law saw the end of any registration hopes as all kit cars would no longer be considered for testing. The car is presently advertised in Germany and has provoked some interest around Europe with some potential buyers looking into registration in their respective countries.
Yes I know that everyone's life would be easier if I would get it back to the UK and have it MOTed. But until it's absolutely necessary, I'll give it a go from here.
Asking for £18K but will happily deduct travelling costs for potential buyers willing to come on a short holiday to Hungary (with a low loader!).

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18-12-14, 07:20 PM
Hi Jonathan

Cars looking good. Especially the side vents. I remember how hard they were to fit

If you need any help or an agent in the uk then I'm sure you still have my details

Il be happy to help out a previous customer once again.

Likewise to anyone buying I can confirm this is a fine example. I serviced and maintained the car prior to it going to Budapest and did the clutch conversion. I've never been to Budapest so if anyone wants it collected id be happy to act

13-04-15, 08:27 PM
Still available?

17-04-15, 11:15 AM
Afraid not. Sold and gone to Hamburg.

17-04-15, 12:41 PM
Afraid not. Sold and gone to Hamburg.

OK, thanks anyway.