View Full Version : Anyone else getting theirs back out tomorrow?

28-02-15, 04:12 PM
De-SORNing the crendon tomorrow. £950 of shiny Michelins later she's all ready to rock and so I'm hoping for a dryish day to take her for a good run.

Anyone else doing the same?

28-02-15, 04:18 PM
I'm out for a run tomorrow with Lee from broughton and seph from Coventry, your welcome to join us. Pm me your mobile number and I'll text where we're going once it's finalised :-)

28-02-15, 04:30 PM
you have PM :-)

28-02-15, 07:09 PM
Strong winds and snow forecast for tomorrow, so no playing for me. :(

28-02-15, 08:08 PM
Took mine for a run today.......... however is was on the trailer moving into storage while I have some work done at home ;)

28-02-15, 08:30 PM
Yuuuup, taxing mine tomorrow but I have other commitments as it's my wife's birthday.
Would have been great to meet with you Tony, Lee & Seph.
Lived in Broughton for 28 years or so now living in Northants.
Catch up with you next time.


28-02-15, 09:41 PM
Gives rain, but hopefully will be out in mine tomorrow for the meet.

01-03-15, 12:57 PM
Short notice decision, we went to Jacks Hill Cafe on the A5 near Towcester for breakfast and what a breakfast! It was huge! Thanks to Lee, Paul and Paul for the run out, good run there but stuck in a bit of traffic on the way back :-( Look forward to the next run gents (and Angie, the glamorous assistant :-) )!

01-03-15, 03:04 PM
It was indeed a huge a breakfast, luckily for us they had ran out of muesli;)


02-03-15, 07:56 AM
Nice meeting you all and good to get the motor out at last!

02-03-15, 02:43 PM
Just looking out of the window at the falling snow. :(

02-03-15, 03:48 PM
took mine down the road for it's MOT, now need to Tax then back on the road again.

02-03-15, 05:09 PM
Just looking out of the window at the falling snow. :(

Likewise. In Sheffield (high above sea level) we have black sky, heavy sleet and salt on the roads (some of them). Not good for cobra outings yet. V jealous of all these trips out for the Southern contingent.

Nuf Said

Derby Cobra
03-03-15, 10:43 PM
Took mine out on Sunday for a good blast, had my mates chasing me down in a lotus and a M3 Ive only had her a few weeks now and she performing brilliantly. The speedo isn't the best so I down loaded a app called Speed tracker gps and it's brilliant! It gives you statistic, a map of where you have been and speedo of course. If you have a dodgy speedo its a great app, my speedo is out by between 5-10 mph and waves at higher speed but that's why I love the car loads of character!

Derby Cobra
03-03-15, 10:51 PM
http://www.cobraclub.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=30833&stc=1http://www.cobraclub.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=30834&stc=1http://www.cobraclub.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=30835&stc=1Great tool if your speedo is out, The 90mph was on a closed circuit road at Donington park......... It's called Speedtracker 👍 from me