View Full Version : Cobra Friendly Garage Near York

13-03-15, 05:01 PM
Hi All,

I've recently picked up a Dax Cobra and have an issue with the speedo wobbling/cutting out - thinking it's to do with the sender/magnets etc. Anyway, I don't have the facilities to do the investigation/work and wondered if anyone knew of a garage/mechanic in or near York that I could take the car to in order to have the work done?

Also need to have the wheel balancing looked at, so if anyone has any recommendations it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


13-03-15, 06:42 PM

The wheel balancing is a bit hit and miss who you take it to . I would ask them to check the wheels before they remove the weights first as I have had mine balanced about three times before they got it almost right at one of the main tyre chains . They said swap the back with the front to prove the problem ! If the wheels are balanced on the car this might be the best route as all the moving mass is taken into account e.g. spinners ,brake disk .