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28-05-15, 03:36 PM
Hi Guys, just posting this up to gauge reaction, I know that some will post with vitriolic warnings to all and sundry against buying a non Cobra registered car, however mine is registered as a Ford and I have never had any problems with MOT or Insurance in the nearly six years of ownership.

Now I am selling my Cobretti Viper, registered as a Ford on a 64 plate (no road tax)

It has a Ford 302 engine working a Holley 600 carb. Gives 248 brake at the wheels.

Edelbrock inlet manifold.

Gearbox is a 5 speed Toyota Celica turbo box.

Blue with a white stripe, cream coloured interior.

XJ6 Jag based suspension and power steering.

Hood and side screens. No tonneau.

Paintwork has some minor chips and a few large ones ( I let a ladder fall onto it!!!) I do not know the colour code, yet.

2 cooling fans, one comes on after the other if the temp continues to rise.

Daytime running LED's which dim to half bright when sidelights turned on.

A couple of photos. I have more, any questions please ask. This will be going on Fleabay but I thought I would offer it on here.

I am looking for £19,500.


08-06-15, 09:33 PM
Got a new project, now selling for £17,000. Pass it on!