View Full Version : Best place for hoses and the like?

24-10-15, 05:20 PM
Evening all, cleared the garage out today ready for some engine refurb/a good clean up over the winter. Was wondering where everyone sourced hoses and the like for rv8?

24-10-15, 05:38 PM
I use auto silicone hoses. Equally as good as samco just much cheaper.

24-10-15, 07:13 PM
+1 for ASH. They supply various F1 teams, and as Anthony said at much more affordable prices than Samco. They also sell offcuts on eBay from time to time at even better prices :D

24-10-15, 07:31 PM
Another one for ASH.


24-10-15, 07:39 PM
If you set up an account you will also get 10% off of the online prices.

Another advantage over samco is the bend lengths etc are longer and the wall thickness of the hose is thicker giving an overall better fit and finish.

25-10-15, 05:47 PM
Thanks I'll give them a go I think. Just adding stuff to the shopping list 😀