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28-01-16, 07:28 AM
Hi all,

My build date is the end of May. I am currently getting everything ready but would like to have the chassis at working height and have seen on a few blogs a wooden frame for the chassis to sit on. Does anyone have any drawings for one that I may use?

28-01-16, 08:31 AM
Hi Wayne,
I toi get my kit at the end of May - I have a narrow garage and need a mobile chassis stand to move the chassis out to the car port to work on. My plan was to take some measurements/photos when I go down to AK and then fabricate a trolley out of steel. But I came across this http://www.cjautos.eu/product_p/cm06.htm at the weekend. Given the price and that it will be a lot easier to get the finished (heavy) chassis off it at the end, I think I will just buy one.


Lloyd Barnes
28-01-16, 06:45 PM
Had mine on a frame for a while. Found it a PITA, restricted access to the underside. Much prefer a decent quality set of axle stands that lift it up high.

28-01-16, 08:01 PM
I'm with Lloyd on this one. Get some axle stands and get the hubs on quick. Then you can wheel it out on build wheels.

29-01-16, 08:25 PM
I agree had mine on a frame for a short while but 2 sets of good axle stands are far better. IMHO

30-01-16, 08:56 AM
Thanks, another job I dont need to do ;)

30-01-16, 12:05 PM
If you get your wheels on you can borrow my wheel trolleys. Home made with larger castors and you can move the car around easy. Only in Newark so not too far away.

30-01-16, 08:24 PM
Cheers Charlie,
I'll speak to you at the next meet. I wont need them for a bit.

31-01-16, 01:27 AM
Wayne I've got a trolley I made in wood using ak factory measurements. . Have a look at my post in the for sale sections.. still available. . Ken

Neil O
02-02-16, 11:50 AM
As said above, I went down the route of making a wooden trolley for the Crendon which was great to start with as I can spin the whole car round 360deg in my garage (very lucky chap).
Now I'm further on it is better on axle stands really.
I'm currently using the trolley as a mobile work bench but in the end I'll have to dismantle it.

02-02-16, 07:44 PM
I think I will go the axle stand route initially then see if Charlies wheel trolleys are worth using. I only have a small garage so not much room. The CJauto option would help as I could push the chassis over as I worked on each side but as with everything. I would sooner spend the money on bling lol. Thanks for all your input.


02-02-16, 08:23 PM
Hi all, I have a narrow garage I built my self a wooden frame from some 3x2 for my AK to sit on. I made it 6ft long 4ft wide and 2ft tall with 80 kg casters. The corner posts I used some 6x4 that I had lying round. works a treat.