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28-02-16, 10:54 AM

There have been a few people interested in purchasing vintage wheels from the US, I am happy to set up a group buy, firstly we need to work out how to distribute them once they come to the uk, and can you put your name down if interested

29-02-16, 08:49 AM
Hi Zaid, thanks for getting the ball rolling.

I will be ready in 5-6 months (maybe a little sooner but not immediately) for a set of 427's. Not quite sure of the sizes yet but that will be sorted as necessary.

Regarding distribution, unless VAT is pre-paid then they will probably arrive at somewhere like BHX. When I received my engine parts I was able to pay the VAT and then collect from the shipper adjacent to the airport. The only difficulty with an order like this is that it will be for multiple people, so the whole order will need to be delivered to a common place for distribution from there. Depending on how many are ordered, they will also take up a lot of space. I guess then collection could be arranged individually in person or via courier. I imagine that Bob (Vintage Wheels) will clearly mark each box with the relevant details, or at least we could make sure that this is what happens.

As I need to wait a bit if others want to order sooner then obviously no problem. I am certain that there will be another order later in the year.

Thanks, Stu.

29-02-16, 09:45 AM
I was once involved in the organisation of a group buy for £15,000 worth of chassis bracing from the US; don't underestimate the amount of time, space & ball ache it takes up! Having said that it worked pretty well, thankfully the person receiving everything had plenty of space for the three American-fridge sized wooden containers that arrived :lol:

Might be a while before I'm in a position to buy wheels but if this is still underway when I am..