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04-04-16, 08:40 AM
Hi All,
As per the title I'm fitting an LS2 and T56 in a Dax De Dion.
I am considering using AK's headers side pipes and catalysts.
Anyone already done this?
I suspect the headers are LS of some type, certainly not the ones I have with my engine.
Any help gladly received.

04-04-16, 11:07 AM
Maybe give Anthony of Absolute Horsepower (Chimera) a call, he may be able to offer some insights?

04-04-16, 12:35 PM
My thoughts too Tony.
I thought he might show up here, but if not I'll call him.

04-04-16, 01:09 PM
AK's use LS3's with Corvette headers and an AK link pipe.

The cat forms something like a ball and socket joint to the side pipe which you then weld yourself so fairly universal. Then the CAT "U clamps" outside the link pipe with some sealant.

http://s102.photobucket.com/user/craigrperry/media/AK%20Cobra/Exhaust/DriversSideExhaustLooselyfitted9_zpsd0fbae2a.jpg.h tml?sort=3&o=15

04-04-16, 01:25 PM
Thanks Craig, that's exactly what I was looking for.
I see no reason that wouldn't work on a Dax.
are the headers reversed left to right?

04-04-16, 01:36 PM
I believe so, the outlet from the header points forward rather than rearward, which was my first clue !

AK supply flat plates which bolt to the headers, and the link pipes which need welding to the plate each side.

You'll need some gasket paper too.

The only thing to check is the geometry of the bend on the AK side pipes as they are fixed. Not sure what the Dax looks like naked but the exhaust may need to go forward so as not to hit the side chassis rails??

Also, the bend on the side pipes is almost flat to get under the servo and the headers. This may mean your existing holes need moving?

I had to have my link pipe extended too so as to get proper penetration into the CAT !

04-04-16, 02:37 PM
You may also need the Corvette's shallower oil sump for ground clearance?

The Camaro's is too deep. What car's your LS2 set up for?

04-04-16, 03:59 PM
I believe it came out of 2009 Monaro.

04-04-16, 04:05 PM
Might be worth checking out, if no one beats me to it, I'll measure the depth of my (Corvette) sump tomorrow evening for you.

04-04-16, 08:46 PM
Thanks Craig, much appreciated.
I just looked at my headers too, they would point too far forward I think if they were reversed.
I guess I'll need some Corvette ones?

04-04-16, 10:50 PM
Thanks Craig, much appreciated.
I just looked at my headers too, they would point too far forward I think if they were reversed.
I guess I'll need some Corvette ones?
Give Brian a bell at Roadcraft, he swaps out the sump and headers on the LS3s he supplies to go in AKs.
He will probably know if the headers are the same from LS2 -3.

05-04-16, 12:06 AM
I've fitted a LS2 from a VXR8 to my GD I've not changed the sump, the cats give the same clearance as the sump so no point in my situation. The LS2 headers are different to LS3

05-04-16, 07:27 AM
Hi Keith,
How have done your headers?
Have you gone for side pipes or underfloors?
Scratch that I just looked at your blog.

05-04-16, 08:50 PM
As promised, my (Corvette) sump is about 120mm at it deepest from the bottom of the block.

06-04-16, 07:38 AM
Thanks Craig, I'll take alook at mine.
I managed to secure a Corvette C6 exhaust system on ebay yesterday, I only really wanted the headers but the tube may come in useful.
Dax don't support LSx use in their cars for some reason.
So I thnk I'll be contacting AK soon.
Looking at the chassis in that area they're pretty similar.
What do your engine mountings look like?
My chassis has SBC mounts but I believe LS adaptor mounts are available?

06-04-16, 08:21 AM
Here you go.


06-04-16, 08:50 AM
Thanks Craig, that's one area where the DAX and AK differ, Dax use a more traditional Chevy sandwich mount.
Interesting to see how far back the engine is mounted in the AK. i.e. mount is well forward on the engine.

06-04-16, 10:42 AM
Have you tried Street and Performance in the US ?
I fitted them to my LS1 and took the whole chassis to JP Exhausts near Huddersfield
who fabricated the stainless steel underslung exhaust system while I waited.

06-04-16, 11:39 AM
Thanks Trevor, i'll take a look.
Mines having side pipes.