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clive a brown
03-05-16, 09:27 AM
Hi Guys, I opened a email with a dropbox attachment and of course its locked my email and sent on to everybody in my address book. Norton cant see it. Any ideas?

Cheers Clive

03-05-16, 12:14 PM
I use Avira - you can get it free but I've subscribed for many years - they have always sorted and virus/scam/Trojan issues and have excellent tech support.

03-05-16, 12:29 PM
Update all the software on your laptop (including O/S). Disconnect from internet then Scan with Antivirus and malware tool (I use Avast for antivirus, then antimalwarebytes for specific scans for malware & trojans).


03-05-16, 02:10 PM
I agree with Alex that a scan with Malwarebytes should identify the problem. Free download is here: https://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/
Make a note of the exact name of what virus/trojan it picks up before you remove it. Malwarebytes may remove it for you but sometimes they can re-install themselves every time you reboot your PC. Looking up the name on the internet will give you information about the type of virus, how it works and best way to remove. I wouldn't risk opening your e-mail again on that PC until you're sure you've cleaned the virus.