View Full Version : Front shock absorbers

13-06-16, 10:40 PM

I have a 1998 std Dax chassis, one of my front shock absorbers has failed, day before leaving for Le Mans.....aargh

Anyone know a replacement part number I thought all of mine were but I now think the fronts are AP?

Any help appreciated.


corn plaster
14-06-16, 01:27 AM
Ring Dax in the morning.


14-06-16, 09:44 AM
Do yourself a favour and replace both fronts. On an 18 year old car the likelihood of getting similar damping rates across the axle would be nigh on zero

14-06-16, 10:21 AM
Had a similar problem sourcing shocks for my 20 year old car
It seems nobody had heard of "rose jointed" top and bottom coil over shocks !! let alone made them !!
It then seemed that the new word on the block was "spherical bearings "
Spax and dave at Demon Tweaks were most helpful and will make a set up for you if there are not stock items available
Suggest you call Dave at demon tweeks with the measurements

Jon W

14-06-16, 10:34 AM
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the replies, I have ordered a replacement pair from Dax, unfortunately that means the Cobra won't be going to Le Mans, gutted as I love a road trip in the Cobra.

Oh well going in an MX5 instead, at least if the Sun comes out I can get the roof down, although looking at the weather forecast that won't be often.