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28-07-16, 02:46 PM
Have decided to put her up for sale after having the MOT done recently and realising I've only done 200 miles the last year. I love driving it, but can't justify having it sat in the garage so hopefully someone else out there can get some enjoyment out of it.

Pilgrim Sumo MKIII
3.5 Rover V8
Sierra running gear
12,539 miles
It has high compression pistons (10.5 : 1) and a 4 barrel Edelbrock carb and probably makes around 200hp at a push
Spax fully-adjustable coilovers all round
Blue with white stripe
Black leather seats - the previous owner was 6' 5" and had the seats bolted in as far back as they would go. I'm a similar height so have left as is, however the seat runners are supplied with the car if required.
Black mohair tonneau cover - custom made so fits perfectly.
Rain hood is also supplied, although I've never driven it in the rain and so have not used it.

MOT just done (17th June). Advisories noted:
Brake hose has slight corrosion to ferrules near side & offside rear
Slight engine oil leak from rear of engine

Looking for £18,000.


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28-07-16, 03:01 PM
That looks smart, should sell easy enough around that price.

28-07-16, 07:15 PM
That looks smart, should sell easy enough around that price.

Thanks David!

29-07-16, 08:13 AM
bit underpriced imho!
Don't take any less..... chancers will haggle with you and flash cash, hold your nerve.

29-07-16, 09:36 AM
bit underpriced imho!
Don't take any less..... chancers will haggle with you and flash cash, hold your nerve.

Thanks Kevin - appreciate the feedback.

29-07-16, 11:13 AM
Sold my RV8 sumo in 2009 for £13k (pics in my gallery), advertised for £13.7k i think, I was happy with the price as i liked the buyer and the home it was going to. In the weeks leading up to the sale, loads of chancers, some from on here, telling me 'these cars never sell for what they're advertised. I can go to 10k, thats a good price, or maybe 11 if you like' or similar. I didnt like. In fact 2 weeks after i sold for the above, I had guys desperately phoning me up from all over saying.... pay full price, have you still got the car.... can't find a decent car for that money.... that was 6 years ago, prices have gone up since then, as has demand.

Not worth dropping prices till the end of august imho.