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10-09-16, 09:53 AM
Morning everyone,
Looking for some opinions and advice on fitting an immobilizer, I'm told that a cat 1 detects movement within the cockpit and issues a warning bleep before actually sounding the alarm. Considering that our cars attract a lot of attention when parked up would this be wise? where as a cat 2 will only immobilize (I'm told) to add to this the cat 1 is twice the price of a cat 2.
My reason for wanting to fit one of these is to reduce insurance costs and to be able to increase the valuation of the car which at the moment is limited without the Thatchum approved device.
Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
Regards, Harrison

10-09-16, 11:09 AM
I removed the Cat 1 from mine as it was always going off. Total pain. I'm planning on fitting a lockable isolation switch on positive battery lead in the boot.

10-09-16, 11:21 AM
Thanks for reply boxoftricks, point taken, I'm looking for something that will meet with the insurers requirement and be practical so it's looking like the cat 2 maybe the way to go.
Regards, Harrison

10-09-16, 11:36 AM
A cat 2 is very straight forward and easy to fit yourself.


10-09-16, 12:23 PM
My insurance requested Thatchum 2 minimum.

Paul Jarrett
11-09-16, 12:41 PM
I have just taken my immobiliser off as car would was hit and miss to start. I insured my car with A plan and they were not fussed about it not having an immobiliser. Don't think many cobs get nicked, would a battery cut off not ensure the car doesn't go walkies?

LUX 427
11-09-16, 01:22 PM
A Plan accepted a battery isolation switch and a tracker. No immobiliser, so no irritation.